1. That intro after a cowboys win!!💯💯💯

  2. Zeke the engine of our offense so Shannon you can't discount Zeke wtf r u saying man

  3. dak focus and execute…

  4. the officials robbed the cowboys and later admitted that dez touchdown vs green bay….recanted that they made a mistake….I was not right until next season's training camp….I don't know how I coped with that to this very day…wooo

  5. J-cole with a few biscuits! Freaking hilarious Law!!!!! Great job! Boys 27 Eagles 20

  6. Honestly I want the Cowboys to shit tank the rest of this season because as a Cowboys fan I don`t want to see very below avg Dak Prescott to get a big contract that will force Us to not sign the players who actually are winning games for Us.We should just let Dak roll one more year on a rookie deal then 2020 hopefully find a decent QB in the draft and then dump Daks ass or use Him as backup for a few years like He was intended for in the 1st place.

  7. Irving and D-Law. Pain is coming.

  8. The Cowboys in 2014 and 2016 NFL season, would’ve beaten the Seattle in NFC Championship game and then beat New England in SB XLIX .. In 2016 the Cowboys was cheated out of a win vs Green Bay in 2016 NFC division round .. The Cowboys would’ve beaten the Falcons in the NFC Championship game and beaten New England again in SB LI

  9. Cowboys are going to win on sunday

  10. The officials were cheating for Green Bay in Cowboys vs Green Bay 2016 NFC postseason game ..

  11. The Cowboys are more focused than ever, the Cowboys are going to win on sunday over the Eagles

  12. Im from Dallas TX always support my Dallas Cowboys. 💙

  13. He does look like a fat j Cole lol

  14. First time watching new sub…skip my guy!!!

  15. Rather dam hold the ball then give up int oline ain’t the same

  16. Win or loose Shannon… 💙 ya man but I’m a Cowboy
    Denver has more SB than Eagles…🙁 it’s 2018…and I still ride with my team

  17. How did dak choke against the pack. Shannon sharpe a hater

  18. He didnt even sound confident in what he said

  19. Filthadelphia eagles are eating shit sunday

  20. Tht defense is gonna beat the brakes off these bitches lol

  21. law will see who chokes zeke gonna eat his lunch

  22. lol Dallas has not been under any pressure? This will be our first pressure game of the last 5? Shannon's statements have been getting more absurd over the last 3 weeks.

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