1. Law thank you for the video but I have a favor to ask. Can you please turn up your mic so it matches the broadcast.

  2. It’s sad that some of our fans think Dak sucks because he doesn’t put up Romo numbers. Romo had to put up those numbers because our defense was horrible they couldn’t stop a pee wee team. They don’t ask Dak to do more than is needed. Dak takes care of the ball he doesn’t throw it to anyone that’s not open.

  3. Top 5 Defense. Top 10 offense. Whatcha think? It was not a close game at all. They scored when our D relaxed to just stop long plays. Till then hardly even any first downs. our recievers are beginning to open up their game. Dak was strength, Ezekiel was right there also. Totally a great win.

  4. Nice show and format. Well done.

  5. the deffense is gone be great and if Randy can stay straight

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