1. ,when you have a,qb like Romo for 10years of course fans don't like prescott

  2. Lol ,yeah they need to put their big cowboy pants on to man up

  3. Unsubscribing kuz u turning into a Dak hater

  4. law I wish you were coaching the Cowboys you speak the truth love you bro

  5. Get on your damn rant about the garbage play at QB. I told your ass last year he sucked and you defended him. I told your dumb ass it wasn't Dez and you led the chorus on Dez was wash up. I told you the scuttle but in training camp was Copper Rush wad out performing Dak. You defended him. Now you look and sound stupid af blaming the people trying to tell you Dak ain't it homeboy. Better wake your lame ass up before Akoye Media steal your support. Stop being a Dak Sucker and tell the truth!!!

  6. your musician is just impeccable…my goodness…

  7. I feel this in my soul cowboys fans are spoiled no matter if we had Tom Brady under center some how we’d still call him trash. People need to chill it still early and just support the nation the division is wide open

  8. Law, I watched my 1st cowboy game with my dad and uncle, it was our cowboys going against the true Baltimore colts and Johnny Unitas in a championship…go look up the date, and see how long I have been a fan. I for sure have lost a bit of confidence in Dak, but I am smart enough to know ALL that ails this team is NOT just his problem. we are struggling on the road THIS season, in the past we sucked at home, well there is a reason why, people just don't watch enough football to figure it out. Even @ home, we are not owning teams, we are barely squeaking by. Again, people just can not figure out what is the root cause. I'll throw a bone here….look up, waaay up in the skybox ring and there sits your real problem for the cowboys. Because bottom line, it ALL starts right there in that super duper, comfy, can I get you another scotch Mr. Jones skybox. Just MHO

  9. Y’all complain about espn and undisputed but break y’all necks to watch the shit when we win. Y’all sad man smh

  10. I've never seen a high school QB play for the Dallas Cowboys before smh dak is whac

  11. Blaming Dak for everything is proof eye witness testimony should be considered unreliable in a court of Law.

  12. Lool Did you just compare Matt Ryan, a MVP and a QB who led his team to the SB to Dak Prescott? Wow. I'm a Cowboys fan and I wouldn't say something that ridiculous.

    The reason you don't hear Falcons fans talking about Matt Ryan is because he's not the problem. Their defense is horrible and has costs them multiple games. He had 11 TDs to 2 INTs. Our defense is wasting away because Dak can't get the ball to open WRs. Which is why the Cowboys WRs are speaking out.

    Tell me Matt Ryan's stats compared to Dak Prescott this season. I'll wait.

  13. Thing is you can't make people like a bum QB no matter how hard you try! And coaches didn't make Goff accurate over the off season.dak never was accurate and never will be

  14. Dak signed laws dick with a marker tongue ring.. cuz Dak sucks dick

  15. Brooo if we win the division Garrett keeps his job. Is it bad that I want us to go 4-12 or worst

  16. Law you can shut your mother fuckin mouth.. Just because I don’t like Dak doesn’t make me a non fan.. I have the ability to call a spade a mother fuckin spade. Dak is trash homie, coaching sucks homie, WRs suck homie, TEs suck homie.. some people love the Cowboys but can still call it how WE see it. Sorry our opinion doesn’t jive with urs, go ahead and change ur name to “agree with Laws opinion Nation”. Go Cowboys but our team needs some upgrades

  17. As a Cowboy fan for 20+ years now I see why people hate our team and our fan base.. some of the people that cheer for the silver and blue don’t know what reality is

  18. Dak's not the problem. Doesn't matter who QB's for the cowboys, still will be the same results until Jerry gets rid of Jason Garrett and Scott linehan. They'll just be going in circles.

  19. The Falcons have no defense law

  20. Y’all expectations way too high we aint winning anything this year so why get all mad about it 🤷‍♂️

  21. Dak is TRASH. What has he EVER shown us ??????? Besides his rookie year when no defense had any scouting reports on him ??? Nothing.

  22. A little bit of everyone is to blame but I’d strut with the coaching staff who hasn’t been able to win its Romo or Dak. As a coach you need to know your personnel’s weakness and strengths and creat plays and put players in position to succeed. It’s not happening right now.

  23. Defense is to good to being wasted. This team remind me of the jags and between him and Blake bortles idk if he’s on his level yet

  24. We need Sam Hurd from prison…..he is the key!!!

  25. OBJ, AB hell even Allen Hurns can talk but not DEZ on the couch. It's just like work get rid of the guy who bust a** to keep the one who is always BS.

  26. Yeah dak is garbage. Coaching sucks but at the end of the day you gotta make plays. Our wideouts not the worst in the league it’s all about ball placement and taking advantage of the one on ones but we don’t have that hell people pissed for a damn reason. People our line not elite anymore hell a lot of teams have worst lines than ours and still making shit happen

  27. Only thing Cam had on Dak is experience, bring back Mark Sanchez as QB coach he was in DAK'S 👂 on the sideline.

  28. Law, You mean Justin Herbert (Oregon Ducks) Quarterback

  29. How many of Y'all can PUT UP OR SHUT UP?

  30. Dez Bryant Tweets like Trump does…

  31. I can't come see you Bro, we are not the falcons but they do have our wideout… DAK'S not the problem, it's the Butterfingers Gang. Stat are facts… Dak and Zeke need space, Calvin Ridley can do that bro Courtland Sutton can do that, stretch the D and Dakota will look like he did against Aaron Rodgers but are linebackers are ready.

  32. Come on law. Why talk about ATL? Their defense is banged up. They have a different problem, one they can’t just fix. Cowboys feel like Dak is magically become… good at least. He not. Period.

  33. I have a question to ask you… is Dak a 100 million dollar QB? You have to answer that quick because his contract is up next year

  34. It was all good just a week ago 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  35. QB CONUNDRUM? There is NO QB CONUNDRUM Now, Head Coach Jason "OPIE" "WOODY" Garrett talking about Dak has to work on his Accuracy.

  36. There's too much secret necessity on the team there needs to be some changes of different things mixed in the mix And the coaches that are there can do that the team that is there can do that is testers too much controversy going on right now they do have personal life also guys

  37. Law, Atlanta Falcons record: 1-4

  38. Ladies and Gentlemen, NO OFFENSE, SHUT THE HELL UP, PUT ON YOUR DAMN BIG BOY BOXES and BIG GIRL PANTIES ON and Let's Go Out There and Watch what Dallas Cowboys do to Jacksonville Jaguars

  39. Again everybody plays a cowboys like it's their Super Bowl don't shop get that were the baddest team in the league and everybody wants to beat us

  40. Its alot of things im tired of hear the winers wine get over it we will come back Shut up fan Stop being babies and start support your team stop blaming it on the coaches It's not just the coaches it's a lot of different things

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