1. Law, Voch thanks for taking my call! Awesome talking Dallas football with the two best analysts of Cowboys football! Keep up the great work and keep crunking!

  2. Law! Saw your morning show! This game was so disappointing by our coaches… Dak can not be the only issue! Coaching staff didn’t adjust like usual! Cooper seemed to want to be on the field a lot more than Linehan let him to! Dak has a few bad throws but overall he did better than usual!, Zeke wasn’t himself but dam the safeties were creeping up on first downs and and closer and closer but does Linehan or our WB coach tells Dak to roll over the top! Nope we ran on first down on every first down on the second half and most of first half! Secondary was not doing their thing but it is what it is! We need a new HC, OC, WR coach, and WB coach! Keep our OLine coach, Kris Richard, and Marineli till he falls down DallasCowboys4Life! Very disappointed in the loss but it’s a game! Now we have to play for pride and find our identity!

  3. Prescott runs harder than Elliot. Zeke just falling into the ground at the line.

  4. Dak is trash
    Play calling trash
    Jason Garrett trash
    Defense trash
    Fire all these mother fuckers

  5. Dak > Wentz 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  6. Season over play Cooper rush

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