1. Jaylon is par to have 135 tackles and 8 sacks really nice numbers LVE if he starts rest of way is on par for 125 tackles. These 2 are going to be scary. And yes David Irving coming back downright scary

  2. Very good idea on Lee coaching. Our defense is nearly there Law! Our CBs, Our LBs,Our line is scary! And were getting another one (Irvin) back! Our Offense is getting their feet back under them and our recievers arent great, but descent. Elliott is ready to kick butt! That gives Dak more help and confidence! Also makes the O-line play better right? Have a good day law.

  3. I DONT WANT TO HERE ABOUT THESE FANS they all hated when we drafted him

  4. I'm thinking they should trade Sean Lee for a Top WR or #2 WR. He can't stay healthy. and the LB group looks good without Sean Lee. We need balance

  5. We ( The CBOYS ) need to design more plays to get our receivers open. I.E. pick plays or routes with double moved Cowboy fans and Vlogers please stop dogging our wideouts and TEs look around the league come on man. Every team's wrs run crisper faster routes than us? Have better hands than us. NO WAY. GO CBOYS

  6. Thought this was a film session

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