1. It's that james harden

  2. Phillip Lindsay got away in 2018.😢😭😭😭😭……
    🙏🙏🙏 not this Draft 🙏🙏🙏https://twitter.com/PFF_AustinGayle/status/1094743912193900544?s=19

  3. 2nd Dt Renell Wren 3rd Wr Preston Williams 4th Rb Darrell Henderson

  4. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Cowboys please draft A Change Of Pace RB in this 2109 NFL Draft to compliment Zek when he's off the field… #1 Play Maker *Utah State RB Darwin Thompson from Jenks Oklahoma. Get This Player Of The Board Quick,,, Phillip Lindsay got away in 2018.😢😭😭😭😭……
    🙏🙏🙏 not this Draft 🙏🙏🙏

  5. he look like James harden

  6. They need a new Wr and Qb and more defense

  7. I think our 2nd round pick will be the Bama TE. I hope one of the Iowa TE's falls to us but I doubt it. They will probably both go in the first.

    PS I had no idea James Harden was a cowboys fan.

  8. Tight end or safety in the second round Which ever has the best available. Then again this club doesn't always draft out of need they tend to want to take the best available. So whatever will McClay conjures up.

  9. 2nd Rd – WR Mecole Hardman Jr.(Georgia)
    3rd Rd – S Amani Hooker(Iowa)
    4th Rd – RB Elijah Holyfield(Georgia)
    4th Rd – WR JJ Arcegga-Whiteside(Standord)
    5th Rd – LB Shaquille Quarterman(Miami)
    7th Rd – DT Dontavius Russell(Auburn)

  10. Check out Myles Gaskin possibly back up for Zeke

  11. Everybody talking about we D line help we are stacked on the D line our backups are solid we need to get a fast sideline to sideline lb too go with those two monsters we got and a change of pace rb to spell Zeke.At Wr we need burner to take the top off the defense and a O lineman.

  12. Cedrick Wilson is the sleeper I thought he was better than Mike G before he got hurt I think we should go with lb second rd wr or rb 3rd and then dt 4th rd and then best available player rest of the draft. We don't need no d line help we need wr lb rb and o line.No safety because we are going to get Earl Thomas.

  13. The Dallas Cowboys staff knows a lot more than any of us but I would like to see them fix the offense line and bring in another quality receiver, not too expensive and perhaps someone like DeSean Jackson or somebody on that level or better. Instead of signing a ton Of “B” rated free agents, just bring in one good player who can help.

  14. We need a safety that knows angles, and had picks in his career. Richard was suppose to teach our corners and safeties to look for the ball. Well we didn't increase any

  15. I know you probably get this all the time but damn you look like James harden lol. Change your haircut at least lol

  16. We need a run stuffing DT or a good TE in the 2nd round but if we go safety and hes available that kid Adderley from Delaware is ball hawking safety!

  17. Hello, Law, Well, We have to ADD DEPTH at Running Back, Right Tackle, Center, Left Tackle, Right Guard and Left Guard, Strong Safety, Free Safety, WILL, MIKE and SAM Linebacker due to Sean Lee playing snaps at MIKE Linebacker is 33-years old and Questions are

    ⏩Do Dallas want Sean Lee and Is he worth $7 million of his Base Salary and

    Would he be worth $10 million which would be a cap hit? Why? INJURIES, INJURIES, INJURIES Rears it's UGLY HEAD!!!

  18. I like your takes Law. I think the safeties for the Cowboys are good. I think if they look to get a safety it's not in the draft. Dallas second round pick might be another line men or a running back. Plus Dallas haves depth and trade bait on the defense.

  19. It's way to early for mock drafts. One a mock draft will change to many times, due to free agents being signed. The East – West Shrine game, the Senior Bowl, Pro days and the Combine are still not in yet. Not only that we have no idea on weather we will get compensation from what we lost in the Free Agent market last year or what round we get them.

  20. TRAVON MULLEN will not be there in 3rd he rated as the 2nd or 3rd best CB in the draft lol

  21. Sorry law chido would be going inside…

  22. I think we should get a RT in the 2nd and then swing Collins back to LG. Or pick up a monster DT

  23. For running back I think we can get away with Alexander mattison from Boise st 1415 rushing yards, 17 rushing tds, and the man was shifty and hard to bring down and we know how they like to pick from Boise st

  24. It's time we find that late round gem on defense

  25. Juan Thornhill's a beast .🔥

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