1. DAK PRESCOTT TOUCHDOWNS DALLAS COWBOYS (2018-2019) ᴴᴰ Thank you all for watching!!! Please time stamp your favorite TD… Also, let me know who you all would love to see next…. Until next time #DC4L Salute!!!!

  2. can’t for dak to get exposed yet again next year and see all the cowboys fans still stuck in denial “its the play calling again get another oc” lmao

  3. Without question the greatest quarterback in the past 25 years!!!!!! After watching these highlights anyone who can't acknowledge that Dak is the GOAT doesn't know ANYTHING about football!!!! No one has put up greater numbers NO ONE (even Tom Brady) in their first 3 years of play!!!!!

  4. 7:21 Always goin for it, never punt 4th down. Last call hail mary Prescott touchdown ayy

  5. 4:10 Pure Tony Romo, but on steroids.
    8:35 A rare moment when he looked like Brady. Not a defender within five yards of him in the pocket one of the few times this year when he was actually unmolested.

  6. Abraham I agree with you 100%,with Tebow too,if someone had a little patience with him he could have been a very good pro

  7. Hey law…my big dick qb ran over a lb and a DE bru bruh……im juss sayin doe

  8. I would rather have seen the Cowboys in the Super Bowl instead of the Rams.

  9. Another Patrick Mahomes = One hit wonder Bye Bye another new Tim Tebow

  10. Dak is really better than critics say, ugh better. We’re going to win this thing next season especially if that new offensive coordinator has something to him.


  12. people who are better

    Russell Wilson
    Tom Brady
    Matt Ryan
    Philip Rivers
    Drew Brees
    Aaron Rodgers
    Patrick Mahomes
    Carson Wentz

    And more…

  13. Dak is not your traditional drop back passer but if people been paying attention he has that it Factor he performs well under pressure for the most part in two playoff games he's played very well defense let us down both times he is our future.

  14. Don't sleep on Michael Gallup next year.

  15. Great video rookie of the year DAK is the real deal first 3years is a lot better then Troy aikman hating on DAK., Troy aikman couldn’t accomplish his first 3years he sucked big time it took aikman 4 to 5 years to get shit together!! Aikman needs to shut up., let’s go DAK#4👍🏽

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