1. Motor never stops running

  2. Demarcus Lawrence is great👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Great video. Pay that man his 💰. He is worth every penny. As a player and a leader on this team.

  4. Idk man , he has been playing with an injured shoulder. Once he gets that big pay day he will probably get that surgery and disappear

  5. Demarcus Lawrence Taylor Cowboys 4life.

  6. Dallas should pay tank 5th highest DE since some games he disappeared Plus he doesn't completely take over a game like the other Elite pass-rushers. I have a bad feeling that Lawrence will hold out because he's going to expect Khalil Mack money. Only time will tell

  7. Love me some Demarcus Lawrence

  8. “I’ll slap the shit outta all yall” believe dat

  9. His love for the game is amazing and the thing is that the hole young defense feeds off of that just watch every time defense make a play he is the first one there he give 110% in every single play pay this men or some one will look what Chicago did Mack

  10. What top flight tackles has gone up against, and how many Sacks verse them?

  11. Hope we keep him and trade taco 🌮

  12. Now that is one BAD ASS motha faqa !!

  13. D law reppin the hot Boyz🤘

  14. He's a good kid, wish him all the best

  15. One of the best defensive ends in the nfl

  16. This man played with a shoulder injury AND STILL PUT UP DOUBLE DIGIT SACK, PAY THIS MAN

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