1. Unless he plays quarterback the cowboys are in DEEP trouble

  2. He's a good addition to that position, also we needed some depth!!!

  3. Guess he has dat Bosie st bulletproof to , Dallas loves Boise st players

  4. DC4L!!! Let's Get It!!💋

  5. Boiz Boiz Boiz Staasate😂
    O-Brother SMH…. good thing about it is, he's with the best secondary coach in the league

  6. Sigh….I'm sorry Law, but I sit and shake my head. DO we need a safety, sure, is it THE most important position need…NO it is not. What we need is a RECIEVER! And not another UDFA scrub the likes of which we have plenty of. What we need is a true QB coach! Not the penis dribble they set up as a QB coach in Moore. WE all know Linehan put Kellen Moore in that position, he sucked as a NFL QB, and he is killing Dak as his so called life line. Once again, I just shake my head at the pure stupidity of this owner, HC and FO…

  7. Hope he can play free safety well enough and adds ball hawk we need more INTS of the 🏈

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