1. Yeah Garrett's probably not going anywhere. Ok fine let's change OC's. Let's bring In somebody with more creativity yes especially in the redzone. We can go ALL THE WAY with the right COACHING TALENT as well as player talent. We so close. Go CBOYS

  2. Diggin' the show and your use of all the technology.  Great job!

  3. nice to see mark on someone elses channel for once

  4. The decision to put Jones on Ertz had to be Kris Richard move.

  5. In 07 and 09 the Cowboys had a real solid Defense, so people cannot say Romo never had a defense. This is the first year Dak has had a solid defense.

  6. It blows my mind with the way Zeke is running ball, they are not calling more play action.

  7. I am a Steelers fan and I agree with you all regarding Dak Prescott. Everyone is being overly critical of Dak. He still has a high upside and I believe he will become an elite qb soon and can win a superbowl.

  8. Man it went by quick, great vid homies

  9. I stopped watching First Take and Undisputed a year ago. You guys rock!!!!

  10. Good show fellas, keep it up..

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