1. @LawNation what if Elway has that rotating QB plan in Denver?….we saw plenty of teams get into QB injury trouble this season then crumble and also some QB rotation on other teams…I think it's trending up to give strength to the rest of the roster for cap but also for increased depth. I love Dak, he is clutch but in defense for our back ups Dak wasn't good at the start of the season…we haven't seen Rush or White with Amari or after they got the oline working without Frederick and Witten. Just because it's common to pay certain positions alot doesn't mean it's right, the pay grades are like I always say when it comes to development "practice doesn't make perfect…PERFECT PRACTICE makes perfect" if you continually do something wrong you'll never improve. We need balance, don't short the man but don't short the rest of the 30+ players. TY for your great vids Salute

  2. All you Dak haters out there there's somebody came to your job and askedyou the take less money to do the same job that you're doing better than other people when the other people are getting paid more would you take less money at your job what you for the company to get better workers around you would you take less money would you take money out of your kids mouth for your balls and a company you work for

  3. Are you hearing yourself low tell me something law what if somebody came up to you and ask you to take less at Georgia bullies other trash ass white YouTubers are making way more than you and not asking them to take less would you take less money when you're working just as hard doing the same damn job and getting better results than them would you take less what anybody out there common what all you Dak haters

  4. It makes me sick to hear black man talkin about Dak Prescott should take less nobody's asking these white quarterbacks to take less nobody's asking these white quarterbacks to take less it's fucking disrespectful and Dak Prescott has done absolutely nothing to deserve this level of disrespect from people

  5. The Cowboys are starting off with 45 million to the good baconpay Dak and pacey and paid Marcus Lawrence restructure some other contract let go on some of the other players and pay everybody

  6. You starting to piss me off law why are you asking that Prescott to sacrifice for somebody else Dak Prescott is earned whatever he asked for Point Blank. Dak Prescott stepped out from preseason and hasn't stopped bawling yet with all the scrutiny all the bullshit all the trash talk all the disrespect all those sorry-ass shitbag so-called Dallas Cowboy fans that are just crying cuz their boy romo's gone and He's still ballin out

  7. All that conversation and basically what they said their whole argument is that they hope that Prescott doesn't play well next year so they have a reason not to him no statistical evidence no injuries no liabilities no off-the-field issues no coaching if issues just that they hope that he plays one more season it stinks up the joint so they have an excuse not to pay the man bull fucking shit

  8. Are you hearing this law the only argument they have is to pray that Dak Prescott sucks next year so they have an excuse not to pay him do you really think they'd be saying that about a white quarterback have you ever heard them say that about a white quarterback cuz I have it not once ever

  9. So all you motherfukers talkin is stupid shit your only argument is to pray that Dak Prescott sucks next year so you don't have to pay him that's your argument

  10. What did Alex Smith do in his first 3 seasons did he accomplish the same thing to Dak Prescott did in his first 3 seasons you do realize you can parent Dak Prescott to quarterbacks that are in their prime and he still a rookie you sure you realize that right it's not exactly an insult compare the man to quarterbacks in their prime who had the experience of years in the NFL it's not exactly an insult

  11. This past super bowl was three all damn near the whole game just whole last trash do you really believe that Dak Prescott would have been able to score more than 3 points do you think that Prescott would have threw an interception in the fourth quarter the sam e way goff did

  12. She does Alex Smith has 15 game winning drives in the 4th quarter does Carson Wentz have 15 game winning drives in the 4th quarter does Russell Wilson have 15 game winning drives in the 4th quarter does Tom Brady have 15 game winning drives in the 4th quarter it's about winning the football game

  13. so all this bullshit talk about how Dak can't throw a pass and he's inaccurate and he's no good in the pocket all of that doesn't mean shit at the end the day Dak Prescott has more wins than any other quarterback in the last 3 seasons other than Tom Brady Point Blank fucking.

  14. It's all about wins and losses it doesn't matter how many yards you throw how many touchdowns you throw how good you throw the ball how pretty the pass is how far down the field you throw the ball how many times you dump the ball off it's about wins and losses

  15. that tells me that those executives are butthurt because Dak Prescott made them look like fools in his rookie late in his rookie year he made them look like fools and his rookie year and they're still butthurt about it

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  22. Daks mechanics are the same ashen he came into the league he ain't getting better at that. His wr bail him out way to often

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