1. An yes we need a new GM

  2. It hurt me when Tom Landry was forced out

  3. Will we eventually get Thomas

  4. Law Nation, the only thing I'll say about the T.J. Watt discussion is that, when the Cowboys drafted Ware under Parcells they were running a 3-4 defensive scheme. I'm like you, I was thinking just straight pass rushing and dynamic ability. But when looking at scheme and the 4-3 they run now, I can see why they passed on T.J. Could they have made it work? We'll never know.

  5. YOU have a smooth Hip hop voice, u ever do a track

  6. When BB was on the field Dak looked to get him the ball and he made plays. Think whatever you want about Butler and how good he is or isn't but the fact is that Dak's favorite target was Brice Butler and the coaches refused to acknowledge that and that is just one of many things the coaches did to help Dak regress and will continue if he is subjected to these incompetent coaches because an incompetent owner refuses to check his mental illness and stop letting his retarded narcissistic behavior hinder him from hiring the right coaches to win championships instead of the right coaches that allow him to indulge himself and his mental disease

  7. I’ve been saying this since 2013 #firegarrett this ain’t Pee wee football guys comon man Garrett is 5 steps behind

  8. Dez is way better then Brice Cole Beasley is better then Brice he is just as inconsistent as Williams. He did nothing yet people talking like he has ever gotten 500 yards his life. Stfu

  9. Of course he's not coming back next year. Why would he? He was consistently proving that he deserves to at least be an integral part of the rotation and we trew him 20 passes.

  10. Take a look at DT Maurice Hurst Michigan. If you like Vita Vea, you'll like this kid!!

  11. He has amazing chemistry with Dak, this guy deserves to be out there. He did get injured this year which hurt his production. But the coaches need to recognize what works and that is Butler & Dak.

  12. I believe Mr.Butler is letting "skeletons outta the closet."

  13. Skip always trying to start some shit. I guess that is what he's payed to do, but it does get annoying.

  14. Brice Butler- Green Bay, Patriots or Jacksonville w/ Kirk Cousins (lol)…Dallas (long shot for signing Brice) Dallas needs to make Brice a focal point if he returns. Dez needs to take reduction in salary. The offense needs to require more routes from there WRs and Witten nerds to split time with Rico G. Next season.

  15. What’s your thoughts on Jarvis Landry in Dallas? And or, is it possible?

  16. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Butler too bad you won’t be in Dallas. Would like to cut Williams save Butler Draft Another Receiver. Draft DT OR LINEBACKER

  17. I don't think we should go after Roquan or any LB 1st rd unless we are ready to give up on either Jaylon or Lee. We do need depth at LB even if we resign Hitchens we still need better depth. But for a team that runs a lot of nickel in a passing league, there's no need to go after a LB in the 1st of you have two solid starters.

  18. I think we should restructure dez a friendly deal for both sides. Draft a tackle in the first round and move collins back to gaurd. 2nd round pick up a line backer. Worst case just play the board with best available. The wr we have are good enough but the play calling has to be better and so does Dak in seeing what the defence is giving him. If we can keep butler that would be great if not draft a wr in the later rounds.

  19. My question is if that was Cooper Rush talking about Dak, would you have the same stance?

  20. All you people who want Cooper Rush….DeSaune Keizer of the Cleveland Browns went 4-0 in preseason “yea that worked out well” learn the nuances of the game, so you don’t make a fool of yourself


  22. T.O. said the same stuff and was correct when he was with Cowboys. Garret ond OC must go asap!

  23. Ow and Dak bet not let that boy Cooper Rush on the field or we will see him riding the pine.

  24. Hell everyone is on Dez level. Some even better than he. Dez is a cancer to this team, just as Jerry is also. Why would so many coaches leave voluntarily. Cowboys are not playing to win. Dez will kill the careers of Dak and Zeke because he will continue to talk and not show. He will play here as long as Jerry will allow him too. That being said we will be the next Raiders until Jerry passes away or get to old to run the ship, well boat cause we not seeing anything with a ship in it anytime soon.

  25. brice is on point we need to keep him and benched dez so he can get is game together

  26. If we cut Dez we’ll pay for it in the end

  27. here's what's wrong with our cowboys, coach wannabee jerruh, period. it's no wonder all you see garret doing is clapping, thats all jerruh lets him do,,be a high priced cheerleader. way to go, you can get a hundred Parcells, J.J.s and shit,even Lombardis, and we still won't win with the meddlesome jerruh bumbling around playing coach. sorry, but we've been stuck watching the same sad ass re-run since he canned J.J. if Butler wants success, as much as I don't like saying it,he's got to go to another team,or jeopardize his career in D,like we've seen so many other wasted talent and opportunities since the J.J days. sad but true. jerruh forced Dak to throw to dez all season regardless of his bad production just so he can wring every penny out of dez.also to the detriment to the whole team! jerruh wants to play coach, fine,somebody get him a Madden and leave his inept wannabee coaching hands off our beloved cowboys! ☆☆☆nuff said ☆☆☆

  28. It looked like he was gonna make a rap at the beginning

  29. though I like Butler.. He's dropped crucial passes thrown to him.. and he's made great catches.. a bit inconsistent but has greater potential than Dez.!
    Brice is telling the truth about the Cowboys organization… and I've been pointing that out in my videos.. that the Cowboys will never reach the pinnacle until Jerry Jones is no more.!
    I despise Jones more than I hate losing.!
    It's Jerry Jones who has cost this team wins and opportunities.!

  30. Restructure Dez's deal starting with about 5 million/yr dollar pay cut. Release T. Williams, Chaz Green, J. Heath, Tyrone Crawford, Orlando Scandrick just to name a few.

  31. Has been hurt every year he was on the Dallas Cowboys had he shown some consistency with being healthy he would have got paid but where was he in 2015 when Dez went down oh wait he had a hammy injury

  32. Brice seemed pretty sharp in the interview

    I was saying all season "Why aren't we using this guy?"
    Our whole problem was that Dez and Terrance wouldn't beat press man with no help over the top
    We had one guy designed to beat that
    We had one guy who successfully lived up to that design when targeted
    Brice was designed to do it. When given a chance, he did do it.
    But the coaches still refused to target him more

    Why is Linehan still on the team? It's really hard to believe. He was such a disaster this year.

  33. Watch brice butler beast for another team next year lol 😭

  34. Skip is really going after Dez. It not the players, it's Jerry.

  35. Whatever yo, if he was about that action he would be in the game more. Does anyone remember Troy Hambrick? Exactly, he was the backup running back to Emmit later in his career. He ran his mouth about Emmit and when he got his chance, he did nothing. Move along dude. OAKLAND let him leave for a reason.

  36. & Get RICO GATHERS INVOLVED! Witten we love you & you are a HOFer but it’s time to move on.

  37. Dez is still a threat that would be stupid to cut him. He still draws double teams. Without that nobody else gets open. Yes Dez has dropped passes but Dak still can’t make every throw on the field. Dak right now isn’t the answer and has got a lot of cleaning up to do. He needs more time with Dez. It took Romo a few seasons to connect with Dez and its going to take Dak just as long. We are still young. Get rid of Scott Linehan & Jason Garrett. Dez Bryant has never been a route God so why are y’all so surprised? He still managed to be an 1st team All-Pro WR. Y’all trippin.

  38. Daylon Mack is a steal DT late in draft. Go Safety 1st and grab Edmonds from VT in 2nd

  39. If I remember right this guy dropped a TD at the beginning of the season, coulda been why he got bumped down on the roster again. I do think he should get more opportunity.

  40. I like Brice Bulter and I really wish they used him more this past year. I'm not pro by any means but I feel like the coaching staff is not using the good people they do have. They also need to start preparing for our seniors players to step down. Like you said Sean Lee and Dez being my main two. I actually feel like the receivers need to step it up in general. But yeah Sean Lee, we can't keep depending solely on him regarding defense or Health either. Health can't do this by himself. I hope they get it together this year.

  41. Brice butler sucks that's why Oakland let him go and he sucked in Dallas in 2016 that's why he didn't earn a starting role. There's no consistency in his game

  42. I don't know…I got a feeling that we gonna lose Hitchens…hate to say it because I like him. I like Rashaad Evans at LB…probably available to us…but I don't know…lol too early to decide

  43. Hard to pay attention with the sunken place staring my ass in the face…😂😐

  44. Talk about Christian wilkins

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