1. Rid comes out at 23, not 24. Other than that, excellent vid

  2. Rise up falcons , funny they ended up on the same team

  3. Atlanta has Julio and this man…. Crazy asf


  5. I think the Falcons will draft him

  6. Too bad he was squelched and limited by Saban

  7. Ridley and Julio ohhhh lord ! Rise the fuck up

  8. Hahahaahahahaha all y’all look sour he’s A ATLANTA FALCON Now so Welcome to the Brotherhood #AtlbirdGanG


  10. great choice by taking a look at Julio Jones during this vid!

  11. He's a little too small for my liking

  12. Law you like Courtney Sutton? Hes open when hes not open. He knows how to use those long arms and his body.

  13. Dallas will get either Ridley or Kirk and "speed! speed! speed!!" is the Dak Friendly offense Jones mentioned.

  14. Dude I think Dallas is making these trades for o linemen to open the door to take Ridley. It will be official after day one of the draft that life without Dez is now a reality.

  15. Marvin Harrison 2.0

  16. He'll probably be around at 19. Would be a great addition.

  17. Glad to see how your channel has grow. Calvin Ridley is EXACTLY what the Cowboys need. A strong number 2 to take away from Dez and allow him to work. I don't think Dez is playing at the level he's supposed to because of his frustration with double teams and constant barrage of coverage which means Dak isn't going to give him consistent targets. Dak just doesn't like to force things. Obviously playing from behind a lot last year, he had to. But if he can choose, he's going to shy away from it. Dez isn't a top 5 reciever anymore… but he is definitely top 10 still. He just needs more support. He can win one on ones, he just needs to get some one on ones.

  18. I don’t know man. I really don’t see the explosive aspect of his game. He’s just really technically sound. In my opinion that is. He a great route runner but I was looking at chark. We need someone that’s gonna legit blow the roof off the defense. Cause when you have a run game like ours the defense has to come and defend against it. That’s when that blazing speed comes in at wideout. Ridley is awesome but I don’t think he would fit in adak friendly offense.

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