1. My thought on tavon Austin…. Why tf was jourdan Lewis returning kicks against the Rams.

  2. Tavon Austin is already making an impact on the Cowboys. To me he should have scored on not one but 2 punt returns in last nights game. That was a bad holding call on the first one, and on the second one #38 was facing Tavon as he broke through the line, the kicker was the only player left. look at #38 TURN and run with Tavon as apposed to blocking the on coming Seahawk player. Had he blocked him, Tavon would have scored. To me he makes this offense even move explosive. I don't know who #85 is, but he drops passes, and was getting way too much playing time ahead of Tavon, especially with that gruesome injury to Hurd.

  3. Yes, Austin welcome back. Definitely an X~Factor! !

  4. Anyone notice on that 1st play ,where Austin got the 1st down, how wide open that top reciever got open?

  5. I say use Austin just how Seattle uses Lockett or am I wrong ? Fast deep ball players. Especially with Seattle mostly playing single high

  6. They have all the tools in the toolbag bt they need to know how to use them

  7. Yes! Your thinking is right on! Austin should be schemed by Linehan as the Bears uses Coen and the Chief's Tyreek Hill. With weapons like Cooper, Zeke, Beasley and the advent of Jarwin, this offense could be explosive…throw in some (a bunch) accuracy and consistency for Dak and they could be unstoppable…could be Mr. Garrett.

  8. I wanna see Beasley throw a TD pass to Austin. Idk how , but let’s work that in this week Scott, got it?

  9. LETS GO COWBOYS!!!!!☆☆☆☆☆☆

  10. The Cowboys do indeed have some positive options on offense. The weapons are in place. It just takes the right decision making and execution to put it all together. if that ever happens this offense could be as explosive as it was in 2016.  What we saw against the Giants last game was another example of what Dak can do. Not only when he's on the run but also when he runs the hurry-up. So hopefully we can see a lot more of Dak  on Bootlegs, QB Keepers, and RPO's. And mix in some no-huddle. This will keep the Seahawks guessing. Moving the ball and getting first downs will be crucial in this one. Keeping the defense fresh as possible. This should keep the game close. As I expect this to come down to the last 1-2 possessions. And I like our chances, and the ball in Dak's hands if indeed it comes to that.

  11. I don't want any tricks. The ball just needs to be distributed to the open guy. I like turret use of threes right end last game. Please include Shultz and gathers. Get these guys involved the defense will loosen up

  12. They need to use Tavon in the slot running seam routes and post routes to open the Defense

  13. Im not sure why your videos are always in 360p for me because i know you upload them at 1080p. Youtube needs to get this shit fixed

  14. I think Tayvon will have a big impact on this game Saturday. East Baltimore Stand Up! Dunbar High School Stand Up!

  15. DAK needs to run, ZEKE, Tavon, Beasley, jarwin, Gallup and Amari all need to happen!

  16. Tavon and Beasley in the slot should be killer. I'll take a safety or linebacker on either one of those guys any day. Deep shots with tavon iare a must from the slot… Maybe Linehan will use the middle of the field now and not just the boundaries

  17. I see a lot that reminds me of 2016 with skill players. Not so much the O-line. Which allow Austin to get more touches on jets. More than Whitehead.

  18. By far the Cowboys csn put the best personnel on the field on offense. This really looks good. I worry about Prescott still. The only way the Cowboys don't win the SB is if he doesn't play well.

  19. Look at that first play you gave us: Austin and Beasley ran the same mirror routes, slant inside wheel back to the side line. Beasley beginning stance kind of shows he is going inside so the defender shades to Coles right to get a jump on the inside…once Cole wheels out the defender is prepared to follow. Austin on the other side is in a stance that doesn’t hint either way so the defender is further back. Austin’s inside move creates separation and a hesitant reaction from his defender. Once Austin wheels out to the side line the defender recovers late and Austin has a little more separation than what was generated by Beasley (on that route). Don’t get it twisted though Beasley is the G.O.A.T.

  20. I Think Your On To Something Law
    Maybe That's One Of The Main Reason's Dallas Played Dak To.Because This Was First And Last Game Of The Regular SeasonTo Play With All His Weapons At Wr.Coop With Austin Is Two 4.3 Speed Wrs On The Same TEAM WITH DAK ZEEK JARWIN BEE'S.🤔Yeah That's A Problem To Handle🤢💪🏈🔥💥🏆

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