1. Have you seen the te production this preseason? Schultz had like 6 receptions saturday showing he can find the holes in coverage. He doesn't look to have the speed but he can move the chains. He needs to gainstrength and weight as well. I hope Gathers gets a fair shot but Swaim has looked very good. Starting to look alot like its Swaim/Jarwin and Schultz. Yep the concussion last year was fabricated to get rid of the excitement about 80. C'mon a full season? Jarwin is gonna get every opportunity to be that receiving te.

  2. Its exciting to see the 6'6" wr?/te Blake "the quake" Jarwin with the long arms posting up on a smaller db like an nba player? I think that the Cowboys want Dak to get used to the tall gawky receiver this season for a reason. That happens with the rbs, four tigers and a rabbit , winning is gonna be a habit.

  3. Panthers 56 Dallas 3 week 1 BOOK IT

  4. Rod played hard as a 2nd RB show's our talent Defense looking nice salute to all Dallas Cowboys 😎 hope all play hard make the team we on another level!!!

  5. Law! I was very dissatisfied with the 1st offense inability to throw the ball especially after expressing their interests to throw it deep. Where are the deep throws? Shouldn't you use these preseason games to smooth out the kinks?
    I did like what the 1st defense showed. Force Crawford back inside. Give taco the reps
    Im disappointed that Rico isn't getting more reps with Rush and even a few with 1st team. Anthony brown will bounce back!


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