1. Thanks for watching!!! Ain't nothing little about Jordan Humphrey!!! I really enjoyed watching this guy ball.. Let me know of who I should review next…. #DC4L Salute!!!

  2. Colin Johnson next please

  3. He’s always reminded me of Larry Fitzgerald.

  4. Huge mistake…he will be drafted in 5th or 6th round…low salary and contract…three to four years from now he might get something worth having, but another year in college would have pushed him into minimum third round…more likely the second

  5. Is yo beard related to James Harden. 🎱

  6. Hopefully he has 4.55 speed

  7. Please review his teammate Collin Johnson 6’6” 220

  8. Get off me, go eat a hamburger 😂😂

  9. As a UT fan for life Lil Jordan is good but not a fit for Dallas' offense. He's not one to get seperation.

  10. The cowboys could really use him in the red zone, just throw it up and let him go get it.

  11. Love lil Jordan! Wish he would have returned for his senior year. Him and Collin Johnson would be unstoppable with Ehlinger slinging it! I would love for him to be a Cowboy! Either way, good luck to him at the next level! Hook'em Horns and Go Cowboys!

  12. Law nation follow number 9 at texas too name collin johnson he something special. But LJ also return kicks he fast

  13. I love Lil Jordan! Hook'em baby!!!

  14. Looks slow Dak needs WRs who can get wide open on good routes like Amari and Gallup.. this guy reminds me of Dez and that type of receiver is not a good mix with Dak

  15. Outside of Taco, the cowboys have hit home runs in the draft. Zeke, Jaylon, Dak, LVE, Byron Jones, D. Law, our O-Linemen, etc….

  16. Possible safety's in this draft? Heath is good, but an upgrade at S could send our D to the next level. I'd love an early round OL though too. Tough decision

  17. Dak needs route runners …that tall reciever shit dnt work with dak

  18. Idk if u knew but he went to southlake in hs

  19. We gotta get Lil Jordan Humphrey 💪 6 "4

  20. I know RB might not be high on priority list but Josh Jacobs from Alabama is nice. Reminds me of Kamara.

  21. Lil Jordan Humphrey!!! Thats 👦 is 🔩🐲

  22. Potential Cole Beasley replacement?

  23. Higdon from Michigan would be good change of pace back who can catch

  24. Iowa got two TEs that will be great pick ups if Dallas takes one. Noah Fant and TJ Hockenson

  25. Draft best available, within reason.

  26. Do more of these leading up to the draft Law!

  27. I like this he might be what we need at te for real open up the middle of the field

  28. He was a rb In high school at south lake carrol

  29. Clemson got some good d-line men coming to the draft but Dallas should not get rid of Antwan Woods. Been watching that guy since training camp and he earned his way to starter from 4th string.

  30. Law, please watch a TJ Edwards Tape

  31. You dont draft by just one rule.. you draft both for need and best player available. This year we draft for need and I hope they invest in a BIG boy OL. O line needs major help been crying for Collins to be moved back to G for Zeke to have another season of 1,000 yards on first down alone

  32. Lil JH is a beast I loved watching him on Saturday’s

  33. Law look at Jerry Tillery from Notre Dame DT.He has some nastiness to him

  34. Collin Johnson is the one.

  35. Told u law lol. L.J. ain't no joke He is a Playmaker for real 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥 🔥💯 💯 Ut 4 LIFE Hook Em 🎤 Dropped

  36. Law check out kavontae turpin TCU he had a some off the field trouble but he'll be nice with us wr/hb

  37. Law his name is lil Jordan I grew up with a kid named lil Jerry that was his legal name crazy huh then you think jimbob cooter and it makes sense lmfao!!!!

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