1. Stay away from Arden Key he doesn’t love football has a horrible motor if the play goes to the other side of him he basically gives up on the play.

  2. Jason witten needs to retire

  3. The worst part of this season is that next season will be the same….
    Jerruh seems to thrive on being stubborn and sorely lacking a look at the bigger picture.
    Mediocrity begets mediocrity.

  4. A great team last year carried a middling QB to wins. Dak lucked into a job he didn't earn and kept it through the hard work of his teammates. All the teammates these delusional fans now want gone. FACE IT. Dak is a ACCIDENTAL STARTING QB

  5. Hey law can you do a film session on jester weah, a wide receiver out of pitt, i think hes got next level talent and would be an elite addition to any team

  6. Hey Guys

    First thanks for what y’all do !

    Why not Dabo Swinney as Head Coach, we know Jerry won’t fire JG but if he did, do you guys think Dabowoulf be a good fit ?

    – Brought Clemson to high level the last few years…
    – Has a creative offense
    – Not a clapper he’s a get in your face Coach
    – Relates well to the players of this era and they respect and play hard for him.
    – Pete Carrol did it when he left USC … so it can be done..

    Thoughts ?? Anyone

  7. Did anyone check out Mark Holmes latest clip. He's saying Jerry Jones is bringing back his coordinators.

  8. tired of hearing people talk trash on Marinelli. The stats show an upward trend for Marinelli's defense. Most defensive trends point up since Marinelli has taken over. I do not believe that he does not know how ot make adjustments. We have INT's that end up near our goal line and the defense prevents a TD and forces FG's sometimes they even miss. I would bet that the vast majority of points against Dallas are FG's. To say he is old is just not true when his stats and just visually on the field you can see how good he does with average to below average talent and depth. Now he is starting to get some hitters and our defense has improved yet again…. We are not the only team running Cover 2 Scheme. Marinelli has to play a lot of zone right now, because of his defensive talent. When the players get more experience you can start to see more man coverage schemes. But, with Rookie DB's and Jaylon having the issues in coverage.. we are not seeing a lot of the same play calls on defense that we say with Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr, which they did a lot of Manup stuff.. I do not buy it.. Marinelli is Boss!

  9. Why is folks mentioning Randy Gregory? He disrespected #94 and squandered an amazing opportunity for himself by being stupid. Dude had ridiculous potential.

  10. Witten and Dez are the walking dead salary cap space

  11. Christian Wilkins, he just got steamrolled by Alabama last night…..Law’s fans, you got to know

  12. Did you see the New Orleans last game…where some kid fumbled the 🏈 & Sean Peyton just ripped him a new one?? Jerrett would of been like 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I got to keep this PG-13 out of respect for Law…..that’s worse than pop-warner 🏈 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  13. Dak on that pass to Butler in the game against philly that scored..Was exactly what Dak needs to do more, get the ball out very quickly….Butler was open and dak took 3 steps back and threw it while butler still open…something dak hasnt done enough of I think

  14. Brian brown , switzer , Noah brown , k.D cannon should be good for us next year and we definitely need Brice butler in the game longer

  15. We now realize Dak is human with growing to do & do we need coaches to adapt to players or players that fit current coaches scheme? Look at Cleveland high draft picks for years still can't win a game or decent season, cowboys need coaches who can compete.

  16. How’s it going Law. Can you make a video of every dez target this season so we can determine who’s at fault between him, Dak or Linehan?

  17. Cooper Rush…. doesn't need to be great. Just need him to be good enough to keep defenses honest.. season just end and youre talking draft and not about our putrid QB play. Keep it real get Dak's nutts off your chin. Fake Cowboys Fan!!!!!

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