1. I think theres a hell of a lot more to be excited about than upset about

  2. I'm conflicted, I wanna win next year but I want Garrett gone. He's not good enough to win and he's not bad enough to get fired. 😕.

  3. Jason Garrett has been silent as a ghost for the longest time. Don't know what's the deal there. Just a feeling. But this silence is a mystery. Maybe the moment of truth is finally going to happen. If it happens this offseason, The one I would keep an eye on is Doug Nussmeier. The man has been around. QB coach and/or OC at many schools. And he coached one Amari Cooper in Alabama. So he's tasted success. If the hammer does come down, or if Red does the honorable thing and steps down, Nussmeier could be promoted as the next HC. Maybe this is just me blowing hot air. But I would say stay tuned.

  4. I miss Joseph randall he would have been an excellent compliment to Zeke like he was with DeMarco murray

  5. Jerry's entire family are mentally challenged lol 🤣

  6. We ne3d a change of pace rb like lance dunbar he in 2015 he even line up as a wr

  7. So if they are not extending him, can we stop with the puppet narrative?

  8. When i heard no contract extension for Garrett i just started clapping 👏👏👏😂

  9. I completely agree Zeke needs help. Rod Smith is ok not great, got anyone in mind?

  10. This off season gonna be interesting with people wanting more money..How are the cowboys gonna finesse this?

  11. You’re keeping it positive. I like that. Can’t believe how exciting it is still, although the season has ended for us. Never a dull moment 😃

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