1. Thanks for watching!!!! #DC4L Salute!!!!

  2. Cole Beasley is a beast and they better keep him. How did that Amendola thing work out? They just have to find ways to take advantage of his skill set, another reason why there needs to be changes in the Offensive play calling.

  3. Law, I love when you do this, lol, a random day and hour, bam!, fi session. I love Cole azz B, I hope we can resign him, mann, he Cole bloody, lol. Thank you for highlighting him.

  4. Rest of Dallas fans leave cole Beasley out your mouths when making excuses for dak!!!!!

  5. Just like we were both saying law…… cole Beasley is not the problem with the offense. He doing his job and most games he is doing his job well. Glad to see you going over Beasley the one or so bright spots on offense this game!!!!!

  6. I like Cole Beasley and he should be on this roster next season with a brand new offensive system head coach and offensive coordinator play caller

  7. They need to bring back Ryan Switzer and put him in the slot

  8. Unfortunately too many people to pay.

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