1. C.Williams wasn't ready to start this season!!!!

  2. Dak sucks as a player. I tried to keep confidence. No more. Garret and Linehann have been garbage for years. The only reason they looked good was because Romo, T.O., Dez, Witten, Murray, and the O-line over the years players have come and gone and executed this system and made it look good because of their talents. When you have players that are not that dynamic, your system is suspect. Your coaching and your system is not that good. You have a QB that can’t make certain throws. His decisions are bad a lot of the time. He fumbles on the run without being touched. He’s done that multiple times. Can’t throw a receiver open. Etc..

  3. Mawnin from Southern Arkansas itz a brand new Nu Day:;Law iWill be @ dat Game wen Dez & da saints come marchin' n2 AT&T. Man, iAm so disappointed in our Boyz. iReeely am. Have a Great day mi brotha.. ✌️

  4. Might as well get the number one pick lol dump this season already

  5. Cowboys fan but fuck they suck so bad and @dez get that ring with the saints bro we already know who winning the ship ..! Who dat ..!

  6. Dak was blaming Dez, now it is likely Dez will be playing in the Super Bowl. Drew Brees played high school ball in Texas our team/QB sucks right now so I'm rooting for our home dogs like Drew and a few other Texas QB starters. Our season is done stick a fork in it, Jerry will resign Dak since he won't shell out the big bucks for a solid starting QB !!

  7. 2012 is when Dez became a star player.

  8. I'm a saints fan and he's in a great place along with Brees and the rest of the sqaud

  9. Both Williams and Collins are playing out of position….they need to switch positions, period. I don't care what Jerry promised La'el Collins if he signed here he needs to play where he is best.

  10. Happy for the X SMH the next DeMarcus Ware

  11. I feel u Law about being a die hard fan but are you following blindly? You still gonna support an organization that does its players dirty? I.e how they did Dez.. or how they view their previous HOF I.e the comments Stephen made about Troy Aikman etc.. so on and so forth. I’m a real cowboys fan but I’m a fan to the Star and I’m not a fan of this current organization

  12. I’m with you Law I can’t pull for no one but my Cowboys! Those of you who is just about a player are bandwagon fans and we really don’t need them.

  13. Feels like one of the darkest times in cowboys history

  14. Once again, Law has brought logic and years of experience to his analyses. He is not picking out any scapegoats, people. Listen carefully to the man. Also, if you have not done so, go and watch Voch Lombardi's thorough and detailed film breakdowns, they are highly educational.

  15. Why do you have a different amount of subscribers… On this page… Is this a fake page… 🤔…i see the 2.0

  16. Williams is a finesse guard and not fit for this system.

  17. Dez is gonna score 3 touchdowns when the Saints win 40-7 at AT&T.

  18. People who acquire sainthood by the mother church (catholic) can only acquire it postmortem. In short Saints are dead people…but the sure haven't been playing like it!😁

  19. Law, My Birthday is in 3 days on Sunday, November 11, 2018, (Veteran's Day)

  20. Week 9 and we're hearing about as much conversation about Frederecks return as we heard about Gathers phatom concussion last season ? lol We knew Frederick was done as soon as they announced his illness. Pray for the guys long term health but hes done with the Nfl. Horsesh_t luck we have.


  22. ⏩Archie Manning then

    ⏩Aaron Brooks

    ⏩Joe Horn #87

    ⏩Donte Stallworth

    ⏩Jerome Pathon

    ⏩Deuce McAllister etc.

  23. As the people in overhauls sang on Hee Haw ……. "Woe les me, agony on me, deep dark depression, excessive agony, if it weren't for bad luck we'd have no luck at all?" …….. true too. Just remember any deflection from a pass or a fumble ……..Dallas loses the ball……. it bounces to the opponent. Uncanny….

  24. Law, New Orleans Saints are 7-1 Leading the NFC South

  25. Lol well thats see……………. Free retired, Leary left in free agency, Frederick has a career ending illness, Smith unlike Watt has never recovered from his injuries years ago is now a poor mans Flozell Adams, our startng center was a backup with the 4-12 Niners, our guard Collins can't play end and NOW Connor Williams will be replaced by another shoemaker !!! Cowboy fans should ask house insurance companies the number for "ground swell" inspections !!!!!? With our luck we best do that. Incredible two #1 picks ( Frederick/Smith) 24-26 yrs old careers are over? What kinda of sh_t is that !!!!!?

  26. LawNation I'm in your same wheel house regarding rooting for a team rather than a player. That's just how I'm built. For instance take Deon Sanders…. How could you be a Deon Sanders fan (SF 49ers) & a staunch Cowboy fan during that historic playoff game. Only a person with a duel personality…

  27. Dez Bryant might NOT end up spending his career there with New Orleans Saints anyway with:

    ⏩Tre'Quan Smith

    ⏩Michael Thomas

    ⏩Cameron Meredith

    ⏩Ted Ginn Jr.

    ⏩Austin Carr

    ⏩Josh Hill

    ⏩Benjamin Watson

    ▶Alvin Kamara out of the backfield, then they have a Wide Receiver on the Practice Squad name Shane Wynn so IDK about this Move by General Manager Mickey Loomis and Head Coach Sean Payton.

  28. Yea the Cowboys have signed the third string guard from the Temple as Garrett puts in his heavy influence!!! lol What a bum Garrett is. Last spring he knew nothing about what Bryant or Witten was thinking because he didn't bother to get in touch with them!!!!? THE GUY IS A BUM !!!! FIRE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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