1. Wow! maybe Kitna can help Dak. We saw at the pro bowl that he actually bounces around on his toes while looking downfield? Is that normal or is it nerves? I don't think its recommended.

  2. I agree K Moore may exceed McVay one day as far as genius implementations & all
    Jon Kitna may be much better than Kellen was, (AND HE SHOULD BE)

    And although it'll still be Garrett's offense
    It'll be innovative to the point that it'll be beyond Linehans scope

    Jason cab no longer trust his brand unless he's willing to follow suit with his former OC

    If Garrett wants to build his resume by reaching deep into the playoffs on a regular basis
    Then he must relinquish his old platform to the age of change or crumble with the dry, fallen leaves of this off-season

    This IS Garrett's offense
    But on a last-ditch effort To swim or sink
    I have a very strong sense that Jerry's going all in & Garrett is dancing Tina much different FO drum beat

    Thx Law Nation


  3. Jon kinta was 4-5 when romo was injured remember when romo got injured in2015 and the Dallas had like 3 qbs and went 1-11 with em kinta is actually pretty decent I think he’ll teach dak a lot

  4. Hey Law is that a Benz with a panoramic roof?

  5. Ok let’s bring back the run and shoot. We got the running back and some good wrs.

  6. Kellen Moore is not a genius…he's more like autistic

  7. Really doesn't matter how we see it…Ringling brothers Jerry and Stephen Circus most go on lmao 🤣

  8. I’m up there with you Og except i got that goose, wawa lemonade and some great Mary Jane lol

  9. Happy Birthday !!!!!(early )

  10. We'll see if he can alter his footwook so his accuracy can be better!!!!

  11. Warren Moon that's a good thing law Nation isn't it because sometimes I see flashes of Warren Moon in Dak I did say sometimes

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