1. I'm feeling sick to my stomach….Piss poor schemes…4th and 1 let's run right up the gut….Hey Leinhan, are you listening….Hey Jerry shit can Lenihan…..lmao…DC4L….

  2. Bottom line Law is we need to fire Linehan 1st! Then sign Demarcus Lawrence, Cooper and extend Dak. But shout out to Cowboys Nation, stay loyal and rep the star 24/7 all day every day. We can't hang up the jersey cuz then we'd be bandwagon fans like all these eagle and rams fans. We'll be back to playoffs again! Go Cowboys!!!

  3. That SOB Sabotage Us-Scott Linehan I feel your pain Law We appreciate the news film and updates until then keep us posted in the off season FAM SALUTE BIG DAWG OG Meredith G signing out

  4. Let's think of this. Dak Prescott moved the ball well himself, when they did have the ball, against the Rams. The offense put the ball in the end zone 3 times plus a 2-point conversion. One good drive ending with a BS grasp call. As bad as things were on the other side of the ball. The Cowboys still made a hell of a fight at the end. The Rams did it on the ground. Dak did it with his arm and feet. The Rams won fine. But nobody on that Cowboys sideline, in the stands, or watching on TV was ready to throw up any hands and quit.

  5. Law we say the same thing after every big game we list. We refuse to make adjustments after getting hit in the mouth.

  6. Cowboys didn't play with urgency we played like we just happy to be there. It's the coaches job to make sure this attitude don't exist.

  7. Yup. 4&1 and you run up the middle on a Defensive line that had been dominating all game… terrible call. Terrible coaching.

    "The Clapper" should go. Linehan too.

  8. Can't call Dak by his number only anymore. He wasn't the reason we lost. The last two games, he has looked better with anticipating throws, internal clock, and pocket awareness.

  9. Jerry Jones went missing after the game didn’t address the media… that tells u someone is getting fired

  10. Yeah they were out coached as well as the team outplayed. I was worried about our offense and yes they take some blame but the defense played terrible which totally made it hard to watch. I thought Dak was off with not using his legs more seeing that he was throwing passes behind players again. I can take losing but they were beaten.

  11. We need a new OC, QB Coach, some stronger O-Line, and a few strong secondary pieces

  12. How was we killin on the outside, we Only had 50 yds rushing

  13. the eagles gonna when another super bowl

  14. Are we surprised i called it… i knew play calling would cost us in the playoffs .. was winning off players playing at high levels…. Mcvay just proved my point as a playcaller alone….. Jg better get a playcaller

  15. Lets not blame dak….defence could not stop the run

  16. This is all emotion. No substance. Complaining about running Zeke on 4th and 1 is the tell. Weeks ago everyone screamed Zeke didn't get it on the throw to Alawaje in the Colts game. We got out physicalled by a team with a well rested Gurley and a big oline. We had to activate extra receivers and tight ends because of all the nagging injuries to Beas, Jarwin, and Tavon and no Hurns. That's your answer to Linehan "experimenting". Everyones gotta lay off Linehan. It's gettin old.
    Because of all those needed receivers, our Dline was thin. Our Dline being thin led to their oline getting to the second level and driving LVE and Jaylon backwards consistently. By the end of the 2nd L.A. drive, those boys were spent. We were trying to protect a defense that has been playing some physical football games over the last month and a half. Faced the #1 oline in the league, Saquon and a physical Giants game, Seattle's #1 rushing attack, and now a 3 week rested Gurley. This is parody. We're not winning them all bro. We're trending in the right direction with the cap too. Plenty to hang our hat on with this almost entirely new offensive squad. Gallup showed us he's a big game player in both of these playoff games.

  17. They need to move Collins back to LG and try Williams at RT

  18. They ran past DLaw they pushed him around and the entire front 7 was bitch slapped,the OLine needs to be fixed,Law you know as well as me as long as Garrett is our HC we will never go to the big game,

  19. I’ve had my doubts about Garrett but I really like how he handles the team. I also don’t think it’s fair to judge him on our offense until we get another oc in there. I think we could get to a nfc championship with him but we have to change our passing game if we want to compete with these high scoring offenses like the rams, chiefs, and patriots. We won’t win a championship otherwise. We’re in the process of building another dynasty

  20. Just so disappointed that our D got ran over the way it did. Proud of the team tho. We were sitting at 3 and 5 left for dead and had a nice run. Thx Law for the time you've invested. Salute!

  21. And that's have been the problem right there ! 273 yards ! Dallas just got punked ! We were supposed to be more physical but we got out physicaled on both side of the ball and that proves one thing the coaching staff didn't get there player's properly ready to play and that leads to incompetence.

  22. If Saints Win Dallas coaching Staff gotta coach the Pro Bowl. Scott Linehan font deserve a trip to the Pro Bowl I'm with you Law I need him Fired b4 the day over

  23. How in the heck did CJ "BOWLING BALL BELLY" ANDERSON chew us up like that??? it was so disturbing to watch. what a nightmare on national TV

  24. Thank you Defense for screwing ALL of Cowboy Nation
    Your performance was absolutely embarrassing
    Please don't sign D Law

  25. 270 yards rushing is on defense no one was getting penetration. I think Jason Garrett earned extension. Can't believe how defense got run over by cj anderson

  26. How many times I got to tell yall the NFL is not going to let Jerry Jones win another Superbowl we're the only 1 that gets flagged in big games…So stop with these dumb posts

  27. The Hot Boyz are no more. That was a blood bath on that field last night. DLaw, Woods, Crawford and Gregory got stomped by the Rams Oline. LVE and Smith were getting washed out on blocks and taking bad angles and Lee is way past his prime. Byron Jones with lazy technique and no discipline had a clear hands to the face that was a killer.

  28. Shout out to Dak and Gallup only ones who showed up

  29. The defense failed us once again

  30. That 4th and 1 was so predictable I knew from that point we weren’t gonna win. Scott has got to go and throw in kellen Moore too.

  31. They got me up early and drinking I’m so upset

  32. Roger Goodell fucked us yet again what else is new typical disappointment as always 🤬🙄

  33. This has to be bad coaching all day we don’t scheme players open we just tell them to line up and beat the opponent Jared Goff is a bum but the scheme makes him look good Scott Linehan is out dated yes thank you for developing dak into a pocket passer now we need an offense of coordinator to put us in the best situation on the field Scheme wise

  34. They should of let Dak have the keys earlier. That 4th and 1 was the dumbest play call I've ever seen. I've Enjoyed your content and I look forward to the future.

  35. The Rams found our weakness, it was our defensive tackles, they did the best they could but we were simply outmatched. The coaches had nothing to do with it and it wasn’t Dak Prescott. That big fat runningback (CJ) was running through our lines like a bowling ball all night long. But give our guys some credit, they fought hard. We’ll fix this problem. Next year fellas.

  36. This game reminds me in 2007 game against the giants. That Anderson 25 was like the Giants 24 Jacob, but we need to get rid of Scott linehan! The play calling was atrocious! And our defense? Why did we put Sean Lee in there? There were some plays that got past him. And have gathers in there Now????

  37. Why did Dak not run more? Why does JJ close on mega yacht in a critical week were focus is key? Couldnt that wait until season over?

  38. We did fold up like lawnchair’s

  39. That happens every game

  40. Our defensive tackles did the best they could but were over powered last night and that’s all it is to it. The fat running back was coming through like a bowling ball all night long. Sadly, there’s not much the coaches could have done, the Rams watched film until they found our weakness.

  41. Hot Boyz was Hot garbage yesterday. SMH

  42. Rams were the bounced team not the cowboys

  43. I hate when we run power with no FB and one WR. It rarely works. Should be spreading them out

  44. They also were holding all night long with no penalties! Its a disgrace! wonder why we couldn't stop the run

  45. My brother whose a pat fan called out the play and said why don't they roll dak out on 4th and 1

  46. Linehan gotta go. It was painfully obvious the difference in quality of the two offensive schemes

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