1. Scott Linehan was the SAME O.C. in 2016 as he was this year. The DIFFERENCE is the O Line isn't near as dominate.

  2. Amen Scott is gone now let's go get a young dynamic explosive OC with the weapons we got it's going down in Big D

  3. Scott Linehan is no longer the OC for the Dallas Cowboys. Go Cowboys!

  4. He’s gone now Law now the question is who will be his replacement?

  5. Don't get me wrong if we're up that's cool. Plus we need a change of pace back behind Zeke

  6. BREAKING NEWS: Linehan is gone!!

  7. Law Garrett wants to win like we did in the 90s!

  8. Hey Law, Cowboys and Scott just agreed to part ways Dallas Cowboys.com!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

  9. To answer your question Law about if McVay had Dak, Zeke and Smith, would they have won? Yes, you could have lined up any RB in the backfield that day. Their O Line flat out mauled our D Line. You could have stuck an old Eric Dickerson back there and he would have had over 100 yards. It wasn't that CJ or Gurly were particularly better, it all started with their O line dominating our D line.

  10. Everyone wants to be nice about it, but I'm with T. O. The source of this is Jason Garrett. He's stubborn to a fault and still trying to win in the modern NFL with the philosophy of the 90's teams. This ish is beyond insanity. I've heard it and I'll repeat it again… JG is to us what Dungy was to TB. We're never gonna get to the next level with him as our head coach.

  11. Law PLEASE Respond I live in SC in Demarcus Lawrences home state and I have connections to his family and i can CONFIRM that the NY giants have an offer on the table Now for 20Mil a year it hasn’t been made public yet but according to his father the GIANTS have an offer for 20 mil per year on the table now. What are your thoughts

  12. Is that white rock lake?

  13. 8-8,9-7 is nothing to be proud of unless you're coming from a 0-16 the season before. are half of those victories? sure,but as the old saying goes "even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile. " I'm still tripping on that Noah Brown catch at the start of the 4th quarter making the 1st down marker dead on, yet the goodellfella puts it a yard back and the clapper doesn't challenge it! shouldn't he be doing something more with his hands than clapping them? it seems half of the time collectively the clapper and vanillehan are out of sinc with the pulse of the game. start on the 25,run almost all the way down the field, then get to the red zone and instead of using the run to punch it in that successfully got us all the way down there,they get pass happy and it's 4th and worry about maher time once again! or finally getting a decent lead in a game yet from the 3rd quarter on instead of becoming properly conservative and running the ball and the clock out,they start getting pass happy all over the joint like we're behind by 21 instead of up by it! or go ahead, pick your own example, I know there's plenty! Daks regressing instead of progressing, to a degree. another brilliant coaching decision to have a 1year old toddler trying to teach an Olympic hurdler how to run,jump and win the gold! it's just crazy really. changes must ensue.thanks again Lawman. ▪☆☆☆▪

  14. Very well said, Law! I agree 1000%

  15. Look at how the Rams set up plays
    They will run any number of plays out of the same formation and the same exact motion so that you can't focus in on any particular play out of any particular set. This has the result of putting the defense on their heels. Give a defense a look at a play that is successful then you give them the same look, fake that play, and run a different play out of it. It makes a defense pause in their reads. The effect is also cumulative over the entirety of a game as you can see when the Cowboys played the Rams. The defense became less and less confident in their reads and thus played slower and slower as the game went on. Whereas the Rams defense could read everything that the Cowboys were doing and because of that played faster and faster as the game went on.
    P.S. Schemer has a negative connotation as well, I prefer strategist…LOL. I love your David analogy. Truly my brother from another mother but the same spiritual Father.

  16. Exactly Law… we've been saying this on MCF for a long time. Linehan HAS to go!!!

  17. Yep. Put players in a position that their talents and skills are used. There's no imagination and no character.
    Look what Richard did in 1 season…that should tell anyone all they need to know.

  18. The worst thing is when we have plays the work and we go away from them!!!
    Pulling the G and going outside lead block for zeke
    Screens to Rb
    Getting Dak outside the pocket
    Designed run for Dak

  19. I’m tired of are coaches not scheming are players into winning situations. We are winning are matchups on skills alone. Just imagine what would happen if we had play designs that put are players in great situatind

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