1. Dak would do a lot better if they hadn't blown up the receiver corp going into the season. How did they give Dak only two players returning (and one of those guys basically shot himself in the foot)

  2. Team is pretty damn good, some spots of course can be upgraded some, but something is missing.
    I'm not sure it's the personnel on roster.
    Needed a weapon at WR, got it.
    But something has prevented us from getting it done in the playoffs and winning a bowl.
    Are we just running into better teams every year we make it?

  3. You look like James Harden

  4. To me Tyron Smith gets a C because he can't handle speed rushers as good which causes him to hold too much and gets Dak blown up a few times.

  5. I honestly see more room for improvement on Zeke than most. He needs to work on better vision and being able to bounce in and out of holes and work on having more natural hands when catching the ball but i still give him a A for what we ask him to do. I also don't want him taking unnecessary hits to prove he's physical neither. He's a good back that can be great.

  6. HA HA Clinton-Dix – HE HE HELL NAW!

  7. Earl Thomas – YES, JOYNER – YES! Bridgewater – YES!

  8. Thank you @Law I enjoy watching your show my Brother and as always Go Cowboys ⭐️🤩👊

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