1. Jerry Jones spending all that money on a f**king boat he needs to spend his money on his f**king football team

  2. i hope rico gets to play

  3. Cowboys over Rams
    Colts over Chiefs
    Chargers over Patriots
    Eagles over Saints
    Book It!

  4. As long as the coaches & players aren't there, I could care less what Jerry does with his new toy.

  5. A bunch of dirty tackles in that seahawks game even amari got hurt on an unnecessary ankle tackle on the sideline

  6. Thanx Water Chickens for admitting to the world on national TV that your team sucks.As a player if you think you can't win the game unless you put the other team on the bench then your saying your team is not good enough to play your opponent.And if you as a head coach allow this to happen then you are a coward.

  7. Bring back Escobar! Fuck let's be real! We're running out of time!

  8. Marenilli has never given up less then 306 points a year? lol He was 0-16 as a headcoach? Another Dallas' team manufactured defensive guru. Fat slob Ryan was awful and Dallas made him out to be "GOD!!!"  Dallas coaches should be happy the league is a joke. Minn., Jacksonville and Atlanta didn't even make the playoffs this year? Enough said.

  9. RICO RICO RICO!!!!??!?!?!?!!!!

  10. Yep. Pete Carroll needs to be investigated. Remember Sean Payton getting suspended for "Bounty Gate?" Allen Hurns' injury was a direct result of a combination of a horse collar and deliberately throwing weight on the runner's leg. McDougald (#30) is a dirty player anyway. He's the one who gave Coop a (helmet to helmet) concussion early this season when Coop was playing for Oakland. Sooner or later, if the NFL doesn't get off its ass and do something about this crap, some opposing offensive player is going to exact some brutal, "private justice" on that particular renegade and give him a career ending injury….which he will fully deserve.

  11. Keep Kris Richard at all costs!!!

  12. Nm Witten this week they need to bring back Larry Allen.

  13. Freaking Jerry Jones jinxing us… we haven't won jack shit why would he do this……

  14. I noticed the sea chickens 🐓 was tackling dirty I thought I was the only person that noticed

  15. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  16. The tacklers would grab high and whip their thighs into the runner's legs. With the foot planted there is a good chance for a break or other injury. The same thing happened to Beasley. Not a horse collar….but there needs to be a new rule. The Bradley McDougald Rule!

  17. Jason witten is not in football shape!!!

  18. Byron Jones needs to StepItUp, also!!!! Show that AllPro Skill, HEAL WELL A.HURNS!!!!

  19. Agree about them twisting people up!!!!

  20. Player Party on the yacht after Dem Boys win the Superbowl!!!!!

  21. Brandon Marshall could be a tight end, just saying😀

  22. will there no be a Rico Gathers sighting

  23. Yes indeed all we have to do is relax and play our brand of football! Great video as always law!

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