1. I don't think the Cowboys have earned the right to rest starters. Remember we rested Dak during the preseason and that was disastrous

  2. Law… u need to have a talk with ur boy “mark holmes”.. he has become a broken record.. EVERY damn video he makes now is about ONE thing.. “Dak”… thats it, nothing else.. how great a qb Dak is and how stupid dak haters r…. damn… i have tried to tell him “every true cowboy fan wants to see our qb succeed {whoever that is}”.. his entangables r off the chart “leadership, work ethic, staying grounded, effort, he never gives up” on and on… but his skill/talent needs work, PERIOD…. fortunately he is young… but mark ignores me and just keeps on… he’s gonna start losing viewers if he dont start talking about everything cowboys instead of just dak…. just saying.. keep up the hard work for our cowboy nation law

  3. i want Dak to break 500 yards and 6 td's against the Colts Cooper 250 yards 4 touchdowns


  5. Our TEs were reminiscent of 82 last Sunday if I squinted my eyes…lol

  6. The Voice of Silver and Blue!!! Salute Law Nation!!

  7. 1st and goal inside the 5 I would run Smith behind a fulback at least 2 plays, maybe 3.

  8. They should play that wolf call in the house when the opponent is in 3rd down. Just give the ball to Smith more to get Zeke rest. I think he can really wear the d down in the 4th. After the rushing title was recently brought up Zeke is going to wanna run alot.

  9. You the truth LAW NATION…

  10. How old are you law? Its hard to guess.

  11. Everybody talks about other injuries uum how bout ours we're not 100%healthy

  12. Andrew luck is better than Wentz

  13. Y'all giving Wentz too much glory too fast Law

  14. Get those that have been injured back that helps the team big time ! The more the merrier !

  15. I'm really loving this Amari Cooper. Thought for sure we made another Roy Williams trade. This dude is so fun to watch.

  16. We need to play like we need have to have it can't live without it full speed ahead and take it! 🌟💪🐺

  17. I enjoy listening to you, Mark, MCF, Voch, Big Game James than I do in watching those national Sports Talk Shows.

  18. Ya Law i heard the wentz news early on philly talk radio

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