1. Von Miller in Big 'D' would be awesome but we cant afford him huh…too bad

  2. Are you gonna livestream during the game?

  3. But does he want to come to Dallas?

  4. Von from Dallas
    DeSoto to be exact

  5. 🧢

  6. Cowboys can’t afford him if want to keep a strong team together. Cowboys need to keep Zeke and offensive line Amari and Gallup, Beasley and Dak. They need to keep their linebackers LVE , Jaylon Smith. What Cowboys need help is at safety and a bull rushing defensive tackle with run stopping abilities and at tight end as well.

  7. I wouldn't entertain that but if Kris Richard leaves then I would definitely look into bringing in Earl Thomas.

  8. Imma be watchin from Pompano Beach in South Florida. Im gonna predict 30-21 dallas. Lets go!

  9. We should reach out and see if von millers mom wants to play in connor williams place on the oline. Im sure she could do better.

  10. If they keep wilson to an in the pocket passer. We can play it like we did the saints. Russ is a great qb but he is short and can have the same weakness with inside pressure as brees. If he cant get outside the pocket and we come through the middle he wont be able to climb the pocket and will have trouble seeing over the big o line.

  11. If we had the COLTS salary cap maybe. I rather we stick with RG and DI( league min ) and get that front 4 going.

  12. If we had VON we would be the golden state of the NFL you can put it in the bank

  13. Nah we dont need him!! We got our 1st day dudes we gonna stick with!! Crawford, D-Law, taco, all our soldiers we stickin with!!

  14. Its sad that y’all can’t be critical the team and can’t be honest. Just bc you want to go with what is working right now doesn’t mean you ungrateful. Everyone time comes to an end .

  15. Law. I really enjoyed the round table! Especially with Foots. Thanks!

  16. Not happening one thing I notice about the Jason Garrett era he likes young football team. We've always been constantly Ben one of the youngest teams team average wise in the league again this year not happening this nip this in the bud now. We have enough Young pass-rushers. The money doesn't make sense would rather spend somewhere else no end of story

  17. Denver got Ware at the end of his career lol but that's a lot of bread

  18. Law we got Gregory who i believe will become another von , we need some mom of offensive linemen lol

  19. Yes you are right about Lee .

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