1. That running back from Boise is underrated, he’s projected round 4-6 so it’s possible

  2. Law wake up dude!!! I dont know what the hell you see in Dak dude. To me your neglect on his play is killing my vibe when watching your commentary. Dude cant make skilled or accurate throws and you talking about getting another back to help Zeke!!?? I watched both games Sunday and all 4 QBs won the game with clutch passing. Dak cant do that!! The Rams damn near abandoned the run and still won!!! Dak cant down that!! A better QB will help Zeke. I guess some people like Dak and wanna win with him so bad that they over look his handicapping of the team.

  3. Why did we trade Switzer? He helped us in the return game. He would be a cheap replacement for Beasley going into his 3rd year. We have to take advantage of all of our draft picks. Why didn't we take Tim Settle in the forth round. We could have used him against the Rams and Colts.

  4. On another note go watch Grudens qb camp on kellen moore. He might not be a successful qb in the nfl but he knows football dallas might have found a diamond in the rough

  5. Cowboys need that one two punch when it comes to running back. Kinda like saints with Kamara and Ingram. Take some load off zeke

  6. Greetings Law Nation

    2nd-Safety, 3rd-DT, 4th-TE, 5th-RB & I'd trade up for another DE or WR with the 6th, 7th, & compensary pick we get for Hitchens or maybe even another LB for extra security
    Yet sign E-V-E-R-Y top FA we have to keep our team SB-friendly

    Just saying Law πŸ˜€

  7. Well aside from football being rigged I will say this I can't believe the Cowboys went to the second round without Witten and Dez Bryant Wooow!

  8. I wish we would have used bo scarbrough I think he could have been that big second back to take the load off of zeke.

  9. Will mcclay be stalking dem scout's so far he be hitting dem nails right on the head one way or another

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