1. And today, EVERY KNOW IT ALL IS PICKING THE SEAGULLS AGAINST US IN OUR HOUSE!! I can wait till they eat that shitty crow come Sat night!

  2. seen Dak play like we know he could.i hope he carries this type of game play forward

  3. i was very impressed with dak no zeke and back up lineman he showed up and balled out big time. dak was hitten on all cylinders. were gonna beat Seattle no doubt.

  4. We're among the select brave & smart few who believed & REFUSED to cave on our convictions Law, my brother
    I said preseason & again post-Amari, that we could go 12-4 best to 10-6
    Had we & Dak had Amari from day 1we would've made the 12-4 MAYBE even 13-3/14-2 huh?


    Salute Law

  5. Im excited about the new chemistry with dak n jarwin.. plus like you said good to have tavon backπŸ‘ i wish david irwin can magically get mentally stable to return now. Its crazy how theyve been hush about him, hopefully he didn't smoke weed or something 😱

  6. I guess people will still make up negative stuff about dak after this game. No zeke plus several o linemen out. Oh well hes not concerned about internet trolls. The criticism comes with being the qb of America's team😁

  7. 387 yards 4 TDs and Rob had a rushing TD who said cowboys couldn't score #cowboynation #1

  8. Maher worries me though unless it's very long distance.

  9. #CowboysNation 🀘🏾 🀘🏾
    Pay our QB
    I said 11-5 or 10-6
    21 mil a year 5 ys
    What do you Law Nation

  10. Bro no offense but you one ugly dude

  11. Yo, Law: Dak Got 14teen Game win'n drives. Mr.4thQ

  12. Oh taste and see…love that comment. Quote it brother!

  13. We won cause of Dak,he was outstanding,bad O line and all,but we need to be very worried about how a mediocre Giants team with no Odell and a bad O line totally destroyed our D ,I'm worried

  14. Haters are gonna hate, but to go from 3-5 and end at 7-1 (for 10-6) and earn a spot in the playoffs the way they did was amazing. Dak finally had a BIG game with BIG plays without Zeke.

  15. And you know this….Man!!!!πŸ’―

  16. Yesir…rub it in my man…everybody doubts Dak…including most fans. Not me…i felt this offense been waiting to explode offensively…felt they didn't want to show there cards so soon. Frustrating, but that's smart. Texas hold em boyyy

  17. We crunk right now…Biotches.

  18. I am very, very…very, very pleasantly surprised. Happy New Year!

  19. As someone whose voice many times that I don't have much faith in Prescott except for the end of the game I have to admit today he looked good and the fact that he did it without Elliott was very impressive but let's not forget that that rarely happens I would love to see more of it I'm glad he found jarwin so much

  20. Swept the Vagiants just like the Sheagles! How Bout Them Cowboys!!!!

  21. I heard so much negativity towards Dak at the beginning of game snd and now everyone singing his praise. Im a Dak supporter i love his leadership !!

  22. I wonder what the fans who hate Dak saying now phuck outta here!!!!

  23. Momentum baaaby let’s get it!!!!!!

  24. β€œLet’s goooooooo!”, dak prescott

  25. Dak absolutely needed this, I’m proud he came through!


  27. Why's everyone screaming Beasely saved Dak. Like y'all have never seen a WR have to make a play. 4th and 15 with the game on they line. Any QB would've went for gold despite the outcome. Ppl just want to find something to complain about with Dak.

  28. How Bout DemBoyz

  29. So who won the game today without Zeke for all the professional sports analysts. 347 yds 4 TDs no picks

  30. Just throw it dak to give your receiver a chance

  31. wwooooooohoooohowbouthemcowboyzzzzzzzzzz

  32. crow crow crow yummy yummy yummy crow crow yummy yumy crow crow,,serve me some more godamnit…crow crow cropw yummy yummy…i love this crow ,,,

  33. after seen darren woodson's take on dak,and watching the last 3 minutes of the cowboys v giants game, i will be slightly less critical of prescott..and raize my level of expectations on #4

  34. Cowboy Nation can I get a hell yeah!!

  35. What a gaameeee what a performance unbelievable

  36. He blew doors open πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽

  37. Dak let his nuts hang this game dawg!!

  38. HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!

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