1. Handle your busy Bro! Cowboy Nation for Life! Mel and Todd are mouthpieces and batting about 220!

  2. Let’s go cowboys for life

  3. I wish thy took the same approach with the defense and build the slime inside to out,thy must get the d tackle studs to help cover the LBers.

  4. Keep in going bro!!

  5. I wouldnt call Clai a disaster. Hes been great for the Jets. I think he knew no one was going to challenge him to be better on Dallas

  6. You the man bro keep putting out great content man cream will ride to the top 💪

  7. It might be because the season is over. I think only die hard fans are gonna be here in the off-season.

  8. I think maybe the Jones family FINALLY realized all the bs draft analyst r cowboy haters ang just hope they r stupid enough to follow their garbage advice to make dallas fail

  9. This is an intersting what if… I always wonder what if romo doesnt fumble the ball on that short field goal. Would his carrer be different?

  10. Law NATION#1 COWBOYS 4 life our front office draft damn good the last 6 years…..

  11. I'm a Carolina Panthers fan….buti think we should had listen to Jerry Jones about impeachment of Rodger Goodell. Jerry Jones was the first to protest. Now we see

  12. James harden is that you?

  13. Being of Irish decent I know Murphy well Law.

  14. Keep it up love you content

  15. Law Nation cowboy Nation for Life Let's go Cowboys

  16. Live like 95 on my lunch break Salute

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