1. I don’t disagree but having a solid skill set doesn’t matter if you don’t have chemistry with the QB. I hope this guy recovers fully and becomes an impact player. I just don’t think it happens with the Cowboys.

  2. Watch his jags film with him in the slot. He runs a beautiful deep out from the slot.

  3. He plays better in the slot workin inside out. I’m all for bringin him back in the slot.

  4. The question is will they keep him!!

  5. What I can see hea a B/B + grade when used correctly.

    Too much was expected of him pre-Coop.

    He's not a long term #1. He's a tried and true,o Reliable, Jack of all Trades Vet.

    Not necessarily a every day game changer but definitely is a crucial piece to the the puzzle when developing an dual threat Offense.

  6. Here's a question though on Hurns second catch on this tape.

    Did he make his break on the route too early and miss the first down as a result of that?

    I don't know the answer to that since I'm not an insider but that type of stuff matter s when evaluating a receivers value to the Team.

    Keep the chains moving at all cost WRs!

    That stuff matters.

    Don't get me wrong thats only one play.

    The majority of plays you have on Hurns looks like he understands the importance of that.

  7. Gotta consider contingency plans cause Bease ain't happy and decided to let the world know.

    It's not a good move to talk about your boss in public unless you want to leave.

    Bease may be mad cause nobody wants to pay him because his numbers don't look as good as what he wants to get paid.

    Honestly, that's not Beas fault. The scheme did not allow him a lot of targets. Some of them went to Zeke.

    Some went to T-E by comitee, etc.

    If Bease stays he needs to be happy with his pay and his role.

    If that can't happen let him walk.

  8. Law, I think your right.

    Part of the problem is that he came in with inflated expectations behind the "Dak Friendly-No #1 Reciever by Comitee, propoganda".

    His contract is the issue now. "If" he fully recovers is he worth that type of pay based on their current need and the production you could expect?

    He could be a different type of threat from the slot than Bease.

    Don't think his short area quickness is anywhere near a Bease, but he can play all three positions and you could make his main position slot if we lose Bease.

    Different passing game but it could work if schemed right.

  9. Thanks for the comments on Allen Hurns. This guy is a very unappreciated slot receiver and with the big cbs these days he matches up really well with route running abilities.
    He could certainly be a surprise to opponents next season with his quickness, and he’s everything TWill WASNT! No fear in this guy.
    Again, great coverage on a great asset to this team.

  10. They should just move Noah Brown to fullback lol

  11. Hey Law, what is the news on Cedrick Wilson? I knew that he caught some eyes in camp before the injury, do you think we keep him on the roster? SALUTE LAW 🙌🏽

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