1. GREAT video. FINALLY a fan who admits we are clueless what happens behind the scenes. I personally have seen KM play here in Boise and think on the move, he's a genius. I hope it translates out at this level.

  2. Law maybe Dallas is luke warm about Beasely because they are high on Cedric Wilson? Don't forget Wilson might've been played up by Moore who has a connection with Boise State. I would love to see Wilson thrown into the fire in 19.

  3. Wow Law maybe I am wrong about Frederick but I'll believe it when I see it!!! Thanks.


  5. Kitna wasn't the greatest qb but dude wasn't scared of running the ball or nothing..💪💪. If we get him as qb coach I'd be extremely happy with the move.

  6. Romo is a…cop out! He still holding a grudge. If he was still playing, he wouldn’t wait for his kids to get older. What about traveling to sit in the booth for all those games, or to announce the games. He wasn’t waiting for his kids to get older then. He pouting over Dak instead of thinking of the team. Dak didn’t take him out in the first game. Grow up and move on Romo, you could still get your ring an honorable way. Coach the QB. Remember, you were a walk on!

  7. I like the Kitna hire he knows how to communicate and teach..but his demeanor is kind of like your old school dad, where if you f*** up…that's your a**..I think Dak needs that. Dak is a dominant alpha male and he needs another dominant personality that will command respect so he can be groomed properly…and I believe Kitna is that guy.

  8. Funny how everybody praising Moore but how in the hell can u score only 7pts in the pro bowl. Moore and Garrett going to get fired after we go 0 and 3 start the sesaon next year .

  9. The cowboys should get Jeffery Simmons Jr. from Mississippi state

  10. It's Loo Nayy its french

  11. Trade for Cameron Brate

  12. Our would have been 27 or 28 anyway

  13. I wouldn’t be mad at ALL if we were able to draft Jordan Humphries from the University of Texas! I watched him progress being that I’m a Longhorn fan but he could start right off the rip for us. 6’3” 225lbs! He was opposite of Collin Johnson this past season! I think we must go DT with out 1st pick in the 2nd round! But maybe just maybe we can get Lil Jordan Humphries later in the draft! Hell….he might go in the 1st round!

  14. Law I’m okay with us keeping Moore as qb coach but we need a qb guru for dak!!!! Next year ain’t looking to great no team has one the nfc east twice in a while as well as I hate our coaching changes:(

  15. Kellen Moore just might be our version of Sean McVay maybe we need to give him a chance he is young

  16. How are you going to do film study on which TDs he gave up if you dont know which plays it was that makes no sense

  17. If Kellen Moore can dissect defenses as a OC like he did as a QB in college then we might have a gem. He's always been a football genius but he just didn't have the talent to start in the pros.

  18. Say Law
    Greetings Man

    To continue to nonprioritizing the safety deficit we've suffered since losing Church, Carr & Wilcox our secondary has suffered the worst within our defense

    I agree with this content
    I just feel DT & TE should be secondary to the safety position group

    I feel very optimistic concerning this off-season
    The players I like are out of reach as of now
    Trading up or trading a current player for a #1 & possibly even a #2 draft pick which would then give us 2- # 2 picks is the only option to maximize our draft potential

    Thank GOD we're out of the salary cap hell we've grown accustomed to

    Thx Law


  19. What is the deal with wideout Devin Smith? Is he healthy? Will he be a full go for mini camp?

  20. Law Harden💪 Naw though Law, Travis Frederick is ready to go I saw a video he has out for the sleep mattress or whatever it's called but him coming back is huge. Also Richard is going have this defense better he just needs to get them to turn the ball over Int's and Fumbles.

  21. Should’ve went after Kliff Kingsburry for OC

  22. I really don't get why all these people hate Garrett he took a team that was a hot mess as far as the cap situation goes full of high-priced free agents and then this time here he is totally turned it around into a very talented young team who play very hard for him how many losing seasons has he had I think the only thing fancy is when he's clapping on the sidelines and I'm fine with that because doesn't get overly excited he doesn't get overly depressed if things don't go exactly right or going too well he is steady and he keeps his team steady I'm willing to bet you're the same bunch of people that thought her season was done halfway through the season and he brought us all the way back to the playoffs and we beat Seattle in the playoffs I probably the last two years have been the offense of coordinator running a very Bland predictable offense even my daughter could call out plays that we're going to be run and she's just a casual fan not hardcore but she was calling him almost as well as Tony does in the booth Kellen Moore will give this offense to shot in the arm that it needs as far as designing plays that are designed to confuse the defense not I'm running it up the middle again to 10-man box and I'm not going to deviate from that kellen's been training to be a coach since he was 4 years old come from a coaching family and had a lot to do with the offense in Boise State there is a reason why he went 50 and 3 and his college career if he had the physical talent to back up his football IQ he would have been the next Tom Brady at this point I be very happy if you could be the next Sean McVay

  23. The fact that Kellen knows all the tendencies of Dak and has been around Dak since day one I as a die-hard cowboys fan believe he wil do a great job as the OC

  24. Everyone who has spoke ball with him has been blown away…KM knows the schemes and is a baller type mentality. We good… DC4L 🇺🇸🏈 🤠

  25. Kellen M. is going to do us just fine, if we give a chance to be creative Law. 🤞

  26. Move looney to guard and maybe trade Conor and go for someone elite in the draft.

  27. Hey LAW! Lovin that voice! Glad Fredrick is doing well! Guillian Barre is no joke!

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