1. Damian Wilson is garbage in coverage

  2. These young men are being taught by professionals and thus are becoming a great professional defense many months early. Tman!

  3. Scarry thing about it Law' they can better ' Dooms -Day yo' is comin' wit Kris Richard ' and Marrinalli is on

  4. Last week statistically across the NFL, LVE was the leading tackler and he did it not starting 5 games. So 7 games this season LVE started and accumulated those numbers with 5 backing up Lee. NOW, JJ is benching LVE for Lee. Twice this season (Seachickens and Titans) Lee prepped all week and started, went down during the game and the defense fell apart and we lost. The D was noticeably different after Lee went down and it was like we could not get on the same page. After a week of practice without him, the D regained form and performed. Right now our Cowboy D is peaking and gaining momentum. The 6 DT's, 5 active in a Kris Richard rotation along with the DE's is wreaking havoc. Our Lb's are cleaning up the trash and often can stay home to do so. That is the secret, not having to blitz to get pressure. But it goes deeper in the Offense tries to adjust to you and not you to them. This is just a stupid and unjustified move by JJ and the front office. How do you take the teams leading tackler off the field ? Lee can backup if somebody goes down or if they need a breather. Its like having a race car and it is hitting on all cylinders running upfront winning the race. And suddenly you decide to change a spark plug, one that has fouled before. If it had not happened twice before it might not be a big deal. But twice it made a dramatic difference that week in the D's play after the injury. THE SAME injury for the 8th time in the last few years surpassing Miles Austin as Hammy king. Lee has been my favorite Cowboy for the last 10 years. But after watching his interview a few weeks ago and listening to his comment about it, he is not my favorite anymore. Quote, "people do not understand the issue with my hamstring, I am going to stick with what works for me". Lee is doing his own thing with his injury. JJ will not confront his pampered one and Garrett is afraid to speak for fear of Daddy getting mad. I hope it does not happen again and I hope the D, our D continues this wreaking crew mentality and continues to peak. I hope….

  5. I work nights. Happy ur up doing work law. Salute. Cant get enough of our LB core. But i love all ur film sessions

  6. Appreciate it, Law Nation. 🏈

  7. XMen Woods is my favorite in the secondary

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