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  2. AB is balling Law, Thanx to the genius of Kris Richard
    Greetings my brother

    I still feel & always will hold that coach Richard failed 3 parties, (AB, J Lew, & the Dallas Cowboys), by gift wrapping the starting slot position to AB vs conducting a fair open competition for that position

    By not going so, he revived Anthony Brown, which is terrific, but at the expense of holding back Jordan

    My main point is this
    If there were an open competition
    [from what both corners have & are showing]
    Both players would be all the more better as competition breeds excellence

    Right now, if AB went down, Jordan would suffice
    There's no doubt in my minds eye Lewis would naturally struggle some
    Already being full-game conditioned as AB already is

    Being denied 1st team reps equally didn't afford J Lew the same experience AB enjoys now

    That's how I can say Richard cheated AB, J Lew, the team & I'll add he cheated himself more praise

    Lewis has shown more on college tape & 1st year than AB
    Not saying a tremendous amount
    But moderately at least

    Lewis play far higher than the 1 inch he yields to AB's stature
    Coach Richard himself said Jordan was the exception
    He denied him
    Just elated Lewis elevated himself above the adversity

    Planned or not
    Richard still withheld J Lew's development while advancing AB's

    Practice is to challenge all & allow the better the start
    Not give a job without it being earned

    No pun intended
    Any shade cast towards Kris Richard

    I'm awaiting your Vid of Lewis

    Thx Law


  3. The 2Pac ending🔥🔥🔥🔥 #DC4L

  4. The biggest thing Kris Richards has done is instilling confidence and making recievers work in return our corners are playing very good coverage the front 4 have done a great job.

  5. In sorry no matter how many plays you show me I hold my breath every time I see brown on the field especially if he partnered with heath, they’re both inconsistent they will make a great play and then a boneheaded mistake it just comes down to which comes last I’m done with mediocrity I don’t agree Lewis should be fourth corner he should start over brown every game

  6. kris richard Wow he got them boys hitting real violently and aggressive and putting them in comfortable spots. Marrenelli got that defense playing and kris richard got that defense ballin. He brings that violent mantality to the cowboy defense and its rubbing off on that whole defense. They were hitting the saints hard on mostly every play. And man that jaylon smith is so disrespectful i mean the way he was hitting them you would of thought somebody stole from his momma or something

  7. always better corner backs when the front 4 bring it!!!

  8. It’s no coincidence that AB and Byron are playing better than ever, the Richard effect…….

  9. How bout Anthony"The Silent Assassin"Brown

  10. Hey law its like Richard kept hip pocket Lewis and AB off by themselves so he could perfect their game and chose now to release them into the mix huh…..

  11. Show the film on him getting burnt and missing tackles too. I think he is the weak link of the secondary. Yeah he had a decent game against the saints but most of the year he plays trash.

  12. Dallas d made the saints look like the jags

  13. Nice film breakdown Law. AB..AB…AB


  15. ..this defense didnt get any better they are all playing up to their potential now and its showing

  16. Ha! I hear ya Fam…Yes sir I think we can officially call him "AB" now. YupThatWasMe*

  17. Brown really turned it around. I thought putting Lewis on Kamara was genius.

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