1. Great job great video bro

  2. Goff got a new qb coach. That's what changed him….

  3. I like Nick, he's amazing at his job…. Finding a QB it's very hard… Dak will develop into a better QB he will be an all around QB…. We'll get a ring with him.

  4. ✭✭✭✭DC4L✭✭✭✭

  5. I, am ,the bus driver.
    NO, if zeke plays the entire season,there would be far less pressure on dak.zeke would have kept the defense fresh because by running the rock,u have longer drives,and also keep opposing offense on the bench.zeke is also a very good pass blocker,and excellent receiver.so the suspension was really a big sabotage Job BY the corrupt goodell;
    because in reality, it was like losing 3 or 4 pro bowlers off the team.
    running back,receiver,and a right or left tackle because of his blocking abilities .
    the way you demoralize a defense,is by running the rock up the gut,3,5 yards at a time and punch it in after a 12 play 8 or 9 minute drive..like a bill parcells coached team

  6. losing is never an option..and i don't really compare qbs'& i have absolutely no problem with any man ,or woman of any color,getting paid.
    it's the cowboys problem to have creative accountants to make it work,i think dak is limited mentally,for the nfl game.and the cowboys will probably draft another qb,or look to free agency,to upgrade.
    dak is not who i would want under center of my, team ,the dallas cowboys.but he will get paid market value ..like it or not/and no he is not trash.he is below average,but far from trash

  7. He can win with his legs but the OC won't use them. Which is why the OC and coach both need to kick rocks regardless of the season outcome. The right OC and or qb coach might make Dak worth the money he is about to get. Cut them folks playing 3 games a year and pay the folks earning their money. If he takes them to the mountain top they won't have a choice but to pay Dak.

  8. Man Fuck the need and his bullshit Carson Wentz didn't win a Superbowl Nick Foles did. And what does he mean the Ravens won 2 what's wrong with this dude he don't know shut. Shut up

  9. Man they all hate on Dallas the he'll with all these haters Cowboys ball.

  10. The Cowboys are the shit I love it they playing lights out

  11. Bro Law..love this show!

  12. I believe, I have already made my game prediction, and please remember, I called the falcons to the 3 points diff, and also called our win against the Saints. So let me just say it again, boys will walk away with this win. Egirls won't know what hit them come Sunday.

  13. Lee won’t be playing

  14. Law…whats up man do you have an email address…

  15. Lose out for a future qb that you know zero about, you gotta Be crazy as bat shit‼️

  16. Everyone keeps saying Zeke was off the Team last Year, and that Hurt, but Chaz Green was starting at Left Tackle and that hurt as much, or more. Sean Lee was hurt. Jaylon still couldn't cut with his Knee. The Receivers couldn't catch, it squirted through there hands for Interceptions or they had it Stripped from there Hands and Fumbled. Stop blaming Dak for Everything. Get Dak A new OC and Qb Coach and watch him Shut all the Nay Sayers up.

  17. Damn, how many times does Dak have to prove that he's a good QB??? This guy uses his legs to run for 1st downs while breaking tackles and is getting them down field to set up for a score when they need it. Yes he misses on down field passes sometimes and holds the ball too long in the pocket but, other than that, he's the Dallas Cowboys QB for a reason. Wouldn't trade him for the world and I hope we get a ring with him because he deserves i The boy is a winner if ever saw one. One game at a time though. 👍🏾✌🏾

  18. Dak has already said he isn't going to try and Break the Bank. Everyone is forgetting that Dak is a TEAM PLAYER. Even if they sign Him to Big Money out of Respect he will turn around and give some back to sign Zeke. Watch and See. Dak will get more on Endorsements if they Win than he will in Salary. Watch and See.

  19. Dak Prescott is the man period!

  20. Dak Prescott $29 Million!

  21. Sup Law, Salute! Can’t find you on Facebook anymore.

  22. Get lord Brunson- loud mouth philly guy on,he needs someone to shut him up

  23. "Tom Brady's wife makes $500M per year"!?!?!?! Come on Man !!! Try $17-20M

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