1. Looks like CowboyJobu had one too many shots. Go Cowboys!!

  2. 0:58 that was me with the two footballs hi law nation my mom is friends with your dad

  3. I had a great time meating alot of loyal fans blessed

  4. Why you gotta walk inside as soon as I was asking drew my question?! Lol

  5. 26-19 Cowboys, a hard fought victory

  6. You should throw that cursed doll in the trash.

  7. No one listens to you Mark.

  8. Thank you Law Nation for excellent feed! Mark's coverage is not good it's blurry and it keeps freezing. Let him know.

  9. You can't front Mark,he was all teared up mad emotional after that interview with Drew! Salute! Hanging with heroes does that!***

  10. Dallas 28 Eagle 13 my sweep is on. Let's give them hell Cowboy Nation

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