1. I did not write this
    But I agree with it to point I had to copy and paste this

    “ I was going to say this eventually so I might as well say it now: I just can’t get behind Dak Prescott. I’ve tried, and I can’t, and I won’t. He was handed the job when Romo got hurt. He didn’t earn it. He took advantage of our easiest schedule in years and stole Romo’s job, plain and simple. It still pisses me off that nobody stood up for Romo when he was healthy and ready to go. They just let him step aside and moved on- when Dak should’ve been the one to step back and learn from one of the best ever for a few years. The job would’ve been his eventually and maybe then he would deserve it.

    If Romo had gotten his job back, we would’ve won the Super Bowl that year, and the next year… and we should’ve won it the year before anyway when DEZ CAUGHT IT. Another career defining moment for Romo that he was robbed of by a rule that has now been overturned.”

  2. I feel like we need to get rid of Scott Linehan he is too predictable, and get Kellen moor the f*** out of the QB coach position wtf are they thinking? I feel Dak has grown since we got cooper

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