1. Love Heath,but he sucks at coverage

  2. How bout them COWBOYS BABY!!!

  3. Did dak just win his 1st football game! Defence struggled no Zeke I give this man credit today not pretty but clutch today props to my man Cole Beasley let's get it baby.

  4. D getting humiliated,and you actually believe we're gonna win a playoff game ,ever with Carrot Top,

  5. Dak better sit,we ain't gonna win this anyway,the OLine will get him killed ,and this D can't stop the Giants ,how we gonna stop Seattle or Philly again,once again Garrett brings a team in unprepared

  6. Sean Lee allowed that ,,68 yd run ,he has looked slow,and out of position,No pressure on The QB,Lee needs to sit and so does Heath ,I don't get why they just don't use Lewis when you know it's a pass play ,Heath couldn't cover me,a loss here ,and wedont deserve a playoff appearance,

  7. Witten exploited the middle so well, he made it virtually impossible to cover him from the numbers to the boundary. Even when they said he ran like his feet hurt, to the season he retired, he consistently beat people from the numbers to the boundary. I agree, would be nice to see Dak and Jarwin open that up going into the Wild Card.

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