1. Eagles 30 Cowboys 20

  2. What happen to sean lee

  3. DallasCowboys forever

  4. General Lee force fumble attack the ball

  5. Hope it's a killing 38-17 dallas

  6. Mark Holmes is a douche

  7. I'm going to have to agree with James Harden. 24-3 Cowboys

  8. 28 DALLAS 13 EAGLES

  9. Law Nation, Hit up Lord Brunson! It’s crazy how people can say all Cowboy fans are delusional and don’t have the football IQ to have an educated debate. Akoye already plans to work with him! Let the world knw this belief of Cowboy fans being delusional is a fallacy! Cowboy Nation!!!

  10. Randy Gregory catching fire?

  11. No predictions…just WIN BABY!!!!

  12. Law Nation always representing. Rain, snow, sleeting, whatever, call him the real Postman.

  13. Preciate u2, for takin' me there. 31-17 Boyz.

  14. Cowboys 24 eagles 13

  15. Right on. 24-13 Dallas πŸ‘

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