1. Yo paulie all we can do is talk shit about the cowboys to take the focus off sheagles being garbage always, now lets go get our mullets trimmed for the game ok creampuff…..

  2. 5 superbowls = history of choking? Ok 👌

  3. I like Bryan Broaddus. I watch Talking Cowboys on Cowboy website all the time! A while back I phoned in a question to them. I don't agree! Dallas is still in desperation mode! For reason he mentioned that Philly is in desperation mode, Eagles desperation mode places Cowboys in desperation mode of not wanting t fall back into being losers! Which teams desperation mode and will to win will be higher. I believe Cowboys, Cowboys win this game and it could be a sign of theming winning rest of games! One thing about Taking Cowboy show on Cowboy website I'd like to say. And I plan on sending letter of complaint. I like Mckey Spagnola too. He and Broaddus are cut from different clothe, Which isn't a bad thing. Mickey is no slouch when it comes to Cowboy football, I don't like the way the other three gang up on Mickey and make fun of him. I sense a negative feeling how they do it. They make fun of him and minimize him sometimes. They can joke and get of topic but anytime Mickey does they interfere and treat him like he's a second citizen. It reminds me of out of left field negative attitudes I get from some of my family members, A kind of shaming feeling. Or attempt to shame. I give a whole lot of credit for putting up with it. Am I missing something? Has Mickey done something wrong to either of them I don't know about?

  4. "We run and we hit"

  5. Well it always helps to get a little motivation from the opponent.

  6. Eagles fans opps mean sheagles fans always talking stupid.Please yall finally got 1 super bowl now yall think yall wayyy better please.Cowboys will win this weekend.

  7. All I got to say is sweet them Eagles. Let's finish the season strong

  8. Yeah come on down here to Texas and get popped in the mouth.
    Smash mouth football in Dallas.
    Eagles really dont want to play.

  9. Eagles are a former shell of themselves. The Cowboys D will choke out The Weak Running Game. Wentz is not the same anymore. D law and the Hot boyz are going to have a field day. Cowboys 28 Eagles 10

  10. Cowboys will win hands down! Then I can rub it in my cousin’s face! Cowboys fan from Southeast Georgia! ✭ ✭ ✭ 💙💙💙

  11. Cowboys 30X eagles 10 Brownsville South Texas!

  12. And D Law should get his first sack vs the eagles finally

  13. East Dallas
    24/10 cowboys

  14. Eagles under radar (Agular)
    Cowboys under radar (N.Brown)

  15. Cowboys will NOT shadow Eartz with Jones…
    Cowboys spread the ball, Cowboys win. The winning formula is there and I would not be surprised to see a Flea-flicker or something special.

  16. Jealous of your beard. I can't grow any facial hair. Great video …..go COWBOYS

  17. Lancaster TX, Cowboys 27-16. Cowboys 3 TDs 2 FGs, Eagirls 1 TD, 3 FGs

  18. True indeed, the Cowboys will win, the Cowboys are going to beat Eagles………. Cowboys are very focus

  19. “Cowboys always choke” Eagirls are 1/3 in Superbowls, Cowboys are 5/8. Eagles players always talk shit before the game (like Kelce did last time) and then we bust em in the mouth. I love it.

  20. 24/17 Dallas to win! NE Ohio. 30 minutes from the Cleveland clowns! Dallas 4 life!

  21. Law sorry I missed the live post! See you soon bro! Have a good day! Cowboys need to just play like they did against N.O.! Hate our own downing our team! Positivities are so important for the team to know we got their back no matter what! Go Dallas Cowboys!

  22. Oh buddy lmao look what happen to the saints xD

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