1. Luck is betta than Dak b real
    And da Eagles hv da best QB n our division also

  2. Dak is not all dat we see dat nah every yr he goes down he throws a lot of deep balls n practice but scared n a game Smdh

  3. Garrets system is largely the system Norv turner ran while he was the Dallas OC during the super bowl years.

  4. Read option is the Qb running RPO is the Qb either handing off to back or passing, Mitchell Schwartz explained it for fans having trouble understanding the play call. A Run-Pass Option (RPO) is a called run play with a pass option

  5. In Dak's defense the o line isn't doing well at all. Prescott had two passes dropped ( Gallup/Jarwin) that turned into turnovers. Elliott steps out of bounds on his route? That's coaching and focus. Can't throw everyything on Daks plate.

  6. Dak looking more  like Chad Hutchinson to me. lol

  7. Law its frightening that we ran the ball last week and still had no passing game?

  8. Jerry is out of his mind if he lets Garrett call the plays should Linnehan get fired? Haven't we been there? Garrett's offenses were comatose as well.

  9. Law they come out and look slow I want three more wins in the division and 4-12. Its the only way the "tiny 3" are out of Dallas. If they go 9-7?……. they are back next year. No bs either.

  10. Elliott reminds me slot of enmity smith we need an accurate qb back there like aikman

  11. Dallas fans are the worst fans in the NFL and it is pure pleasure watching Dallas burn to the ground

  12. The Rams are Superbowl Champions this year…so we need to focus on getting a first round draft position

  13. Correction: 4 guys out there who can't even total up to Witten. Rico will never be a Witten. He isn't smart enough.

  14. Man you and that back ground music and talking at the same time is really annoying…do better dude…

  15. Don't disrespect Brock like that!!!!!! Dak is pure TRASH!!!!!!

  16. Keep in mind.. 3 out of the last 4 years Garrett was 12-4, 13-3, 9-7

  17. Yes we're clobbering Garrett cause he deserves it. Ten years and what do we have?

  18. Can everyone please stop with the petty sh*t about Prescott making commercials? The kid has already overperformed his crappy little contract 1000x over for the Scrooges… with a 13-3 season and a 9-7 season. You people act like that boy who has a Master's Degree in psychology is not fully aware that Jerry & Stephen Jones are fully capable of trying to suck him dry and then set him up for failure in order to create a situation where the crazed Dallas fanbase won't have a problem with the treacherous Jones family tossing him like a wadded up candy bar wrapper. He's black and intelligent. . He knows the score. Dak's investing in a nest egg for his future with those commercials. As he should and as he deserves.

  19. Dude!? Did you say hit and miss??? Jason Garrett is a scrub ass puppet! And please stop stepping back into the past! Troy isn't walking through that door! As long as Jerry Jones breaths and y'all keep buying the merchandise,he will never change shit!

  20. Four words: DROP BACK PLAY ACTION. Dak is lethal when they call it. He did it a lot his rookie year =13 wins. Less last season = 9 wins. This year they hardly ever call it,…BUT his passer rating is consistently >100, with a ridulously low int/td ratio when he does it. Why in the hell are the coaches setting this man up for failure trying to make a pocket passer out of him? Explain that to me.

  21. I’m standing strong for my QB Prescott.. People to quickly that’s not really a Dallas Cowboys Fan is writing off Dak to early.. Just like you said Law Dallas have to keep utilizing Dak’s strength to keep our offense upfloat every game just like it was in 2016 with RPO’s with Zeke that opens up the pass.. Still think we need to bring Dez Back for the rest of the year.. He’ll have a new attitude this time around and will be more and way MORE MATURE THIS TIME AROUND .. Make it happen Jerry Bring our Offense and this team back to Life..

  22. Cowherd would have crediblity with me if he didn't flip flop around all over the place like a freshly caught mackerel.

  23. Law nation is a Dak apologists along with Mark Holmes. Always finding finding excuse for Dak ineptitude as a Qb. Always putting the blame on someone else for Dak downfalls. Last year it was dez and now this year it’s coaching. Let the truth be told it was the same coaching staff Dak had in his rookie year. When will you guys get it that Dak is not a accurate Qb and can not make reads in his progression. He is mediocre at best. Stop giving damn excuses. Can’t wait until the lions kick your asses this sunday.

  24. Just run with a full back in front of him and he will have succeed

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