1. No Zeke last year, No TSmith last year, No Jaylon last year (not at the beast mode he is now), No LVE last year, No Cooper or Gallup last year!

    So, last year, the Falcons never saw and never had to deal with Zeke, never saw and never had to deal with TS never saw and never had to deal with Jaylon, never saw and never had to deal with LVE, never saw and never had to deal with Cooper & Gallup. Hmmm, to me, that in itself is YUGE!!

    Nothin special about the Falcons Defense they are ranked 21st! Our Defense is TOP 5! I feel our OL is now in a great position to get things Movin’ and a Shakin’ and really open it up for Zeke and give Dak a little time to get it to OUR great WRs.

    If our Hot Boyz Defense AND our Powerful OL, PLUS our Hungry Young DBs AND Killer LBs AND our Quick & Tricky WRs play like they did in Philthy, there is no way the Falcons can beat them.

    Plus, I think Dak (& TS) is ready to shove it down their throats because of last year. Challenge is on!

  2. Williams can't play in the NFL, period, if he doesn't get in the weight room and get rid of those flabby arms. Shocked he didn't prepare while in college to enter the NFL. Unfortunately, Su'i Filo's footwork is HORRIBLE, but his massive strength keeps him in the game. I don't know if he can continue to get by on strength only. IF Su'i Filo can hang on to let Williams use the rest of this year to get in the weight room and add some needed muscle, then he would be able to compete. His footwork has always been good and he is a good athlete, just no strength. If Colombo can teach Su'i Filo how to use his feet, if he is coachable, then he would be a BIG threat. Look at TSmith, or any other Cowboy on the OL, they shuffle their feet, Su'i Filo doesn't seem to really move them and that gets him in trouble, then he uses his strength to basically toss them aside. Impressive, but I don't know if it is sustainable.
    Last week we had wings for dinner, this week lets have wings for lunch!!! ***GO COWBOYS***!!!

  3. We need to roll with 76 for the rest of the season

  4. you saw how Cleveland Browns took care of the Dirty Birds!!! granted that game was played outside in the cold. But if the Brownies can fry them birds, Dallas gonna roast em.. Like Cowboys fans are saying, We are looking for that BIG PAYBACK 😠!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ..*plays roman war music*

    hops on the video looking like the black leonidas

  6. Byron contains Julio… Awuzie will get aggressive with Ridley. Linebackers will bring the pain.. lineman will be hungry for some qb

  7. If philly worked on execution like they did td celebrations they probably would have won 😂😂😂

  8. BYRON Jones already took a test and he failed when D. Hopkins put 150 yards on his bum ass !!!!!!

  9. I feel as if this is a revenge game from last year Dak will want this and zeke will want this more than any one! Plus every game is pretty much a must win so we gotta be on our A game every game no mistakes

  10. Let's see how "creative" this OC and clapper can get. They HAVE to change up the offense week to week…we cannot go back to the same old tired ass vanilla queen 4 page playbook… NOT this week. BUT, saying all of that, I am telling you all, we will beat the birds, and then we blow out the skins at home. we go 3 of 4 as I have no hope we beat the saints….but to add, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.

  11. Anymore Jones in this game we might need to put monopoly markers down.

  12. Offense has to set the tone this game if they get up by 20+ early I think we will be good

  13. Cowboys 30-ATL-20
    Tank gets 4 sacks zeke goin for 150 bak to bak i feel it

  14. The falcons do a good job of moving julio but if dallas decides to blanket him with jones then yes byron can limit him to 5-7 catches.. The offense needs to play without no fear like they did vs the eaglea. #DC4L

  15. Filo is that missing piece the Oline needed no disrespect to Conner he just needs more time in the weight room to get ready. The Dline needs to keep pressure on Ryan to help the DB's and we roast the dirty birds. 💪

  16. if by holds Julio in check than he's a sure pro bowler

  17. 76 played ok.. Not bad
    He was fighting

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