1. It could be if Dak was able to call plays to check in and out of reads to play to his strengths cuz We fans all know that Scott Linehan has to GO ASAP

  2. Romo was thinking and Dak is NOW!

  3. Yes i believe it also Dak is the guy. Two very different players Dak work out Romo didn't heathly body n mind is the key.

  4. First of all no Dallas cowboys players is going to sit there and say we believe more in Tony Romo than Dak Prescott while still playing for the cowboys wouldn't want to hurt Dak Prescott feelings. Now you you have to ask yourself which one of these quarterbacks can get us a to score a touchdown inside the the redzone right now Dallas cowboys are 31st in that ranking in 2014 they were 2nd so you tell me who you rather have also Jason Garrett and scott linehan were there.

  5. It’s understandable because after so long you get tired of the excuses. The biggest lie ever told was Tony never had weapons when he had a HOF wide receiver, tight end and probably a HOF left tackle with a good running game not to mention a HOF defensive end. He had weapons but fans made excuses and wouldn’t consider his turnovers at the worst times when the team couldn’t recover. They credit him with the ability to read a defense which as a commentator seems like he can but you wonder how did he throw so many interceptions? They fell in love with his passing stats instead of the stat that counts. The other joke is Romo would have won in 2016 when he never got to the second round in 10 years so they need to stop lying to themselves. If Dak never produces in 10 years and he’ll get the same criticism, no doubt.


  7. The Tony Romo Homos not going to like this LAW lol…

  8. I believe that cause the locker room was divided and dak need a supporting cast like Romo had he played behind drew Bledsoe who else started behind him Tom Brady but Tony had cost play off games

  9. I think Darren’s comment is valid in the fact that the Cowboys never put weapons around Tony. It wasn’t until the year Tony got hurt during the preseason that he would have benefited from having a better supporting cast (i.e., O-line, Zeke, Witt, & Dez) and it also, played a factor as to why the Cowboys decided to stay with Dak once Romo was healthy.

  10. I think that’s crazy 🤯🤯🤯

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