1. Guys this cowboys team is the same team as 2017 overall sane old same old. Nothing changed. We still the same team that was 3 and 5. Nothing has changed and once we back into playoffs only because nfc east was weak and nfc overall was weaker, we will lose to Seattle first playoff game.

  2. I’m concerned as hell. This overall feels like 2011 12 13 15 17. I am scared as hell and sad. I foresee Dallas losing to Seattle in playoffs 24 13 with dak struggling and missed red zone opportunities. I’m crying right now typing this.

  3. Law i’m not getting notifications and i’m subscribed and clicked the bell

  4. i hope he put entire cowboys team on notice or else clean house

  5. One thing we are missing from 2016 is Zekes ability to break the long run for a td. His discipline with the footwork also seems to be off

  6. Law hit the nail on the head, no salary cap for the coaches. I'd assemble a team of coordinators to assemble a game plan. I'd hire a team of QB coaches with a group of analysts to provide breakdowns on throws across the league. I'd could go on and on. But this is the Dallas Cowboys, we deserve more than Kellen Moore, we deserve more than average head coach. 31st red zone offense. It's a joke man. We have the talent and yes Dak to win a Superbowl. But you can't be weak across the board when it comes to the offense

  7. We definitely have a better defense than the Vikings the saints obviously and the bears I don’t think the bears have an elite defense that was a little out of line for nick to say that they have a better defense

  8. Who y'all like as a new offense coordinator?

  9. Rico is red zone success

  10. Did even Terrell Owens talk about the plays after he left

  11. He said he would cut a nice check well do it. The OC is done cause he can't get creative which he may be afraid to do cause of Daks accuracy, won't play Gathers which could be a red zone threat and the QB coach got beat by Dak for the job, Garrett just because the other two gotta go. Neither one of the 3 have won anything.

  12. You gotta ask who has Linehan in Dallas after all this time

  13. Romo started changing plays when he got older Dak doesn't have that authority yet

  14. Dak was good his rookie year. With Romo and other guys helping him learn! When you start a job. You learn and grow. Becoming better and faster. At your job. If Dak is not getting better and faster. It's because someone or something is holding him back. Or stopping his learning process of the position! Dak can run. In the last game he didn't run!!!! Why??? Something or someone is telling Dak not to run! If Dak can't be mobile. Then he is stuck in the pocket! And if the line doesn't hold. Dak will panic. Or try to throw to quick! Because he's getting sack too much! If the couches or linehan is trying to make Dak a pocket passer. And telling him. Stay in the pocket. What is he to do? How can he learn and grow??? Everyone blames Dak. But everyone is saying the play calls suck!!! It's not Dak. Sometimes else is the main problem!!!! In the Amari interview he said. Dak told him. Just run the play they called. Dak is doing what he is told to do! They changed the play. And it paid big for us!!! That should text you right there. Dak is good. He has skills. Just not the right guys around him! There is no such thing as a bad student! Only bad teachers!!!! Why is Dak not growing, improving and getting better????

  15. Linehan needs to GTFO!!!!!

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