1. They will win the game.

  2. Beat the brakes off Tampa like we are supposed to. This is Linehans game to show and prove that he isn't special in a bad way.

  3. 11:10 " they got a nice wonderful tight Endz" 😂🤣😂

  4. This is a must win and coaches and players have to bring it this game.

  5. I wanna see – Cowboys come out like game buster Law' feed Zeke' and take the roof off with Amari,cole and Gallup..and the Defence make Jameis- wanna Quit playing..

  6. They didn’t do anything what they did was exposed Scott Lenehan they are super bowl contenders just need new coaches

  7. Now, going into the play offs they look average

  8. Are you worried Dallas is going to over use Elliot and than Elliot will wind up hurt?

  9. I know zeke.will show up but dak is horrible he is ruining this offense

  10. Look the colts was the team for cowboys to beat bucs win is not as important

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