1. Dak not the problem yes he need work on his mechanics but y’all act like he forced interceptions like Romo Did y’all forget Romo wasn’t even starting at this point in his career

  2. Yes it would’ve been different if you put anybody beside dez cause anybody better than Terrance Williams

  3. "They really want to pay Dak Prescott" ummm duh?? And they pay these people for their opinions? These people on ESPN stealing money..might as well pay me for my opinions on brain surgery smh

  4. Voch proved the line is playing piss poor. Piss poor Dak is our Brady we are one block away. Idk why we can't see he is playing really well under this poor line play

  5. Amari Cooper was wearing number 19 in practice so it looks like his number will be 19.

  6. Now we are about to rock and roll

  7. People are so quick to throw Teddy’s name out there.. When was the last time he played? Dak deserves one more year with a different coaching staff

  8. Lions got Harrison for a 5th rounder, we shoulda jumped on that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting for that immovable object for a while in Dallas!!!! Snacks would have stiffened up our middle and allowed no running room.

  9. JJ is going to go with Dak till his grandson is draft eligible lol

  10. Timing was my only concern with this trade, man imagine if we got this guy in the offseason! The Raiders might have taken a 2nd! But Law the key to us getting better is this o-line, What has Paul Alexander done? This o-line looks like a shell of itself! There is no way these players went down hill that fast! We use to win on the road and lose at home now it has flipped!

  11. CC keeping it real. lmao NIck Wright being ignorant as usual.

  12. The addition of Cooper will help Gallup because the days of Gallup being double covered were rapidly approaching. If both of them are on the field Lil Beast Beasley will be freed up to do his job like we all know he can.

  13. Still not happy with giving up a 1st round pick maybe a 2nd or 3rd round

  14. Nick I can’t stand that guy! He don’t know nothing about nothing!!

  15. Cowboys are gonna be buying time to change qb until Stephen Jones son is ready to play for the team.

  16. People are sayin dak is missin his reads he don’t have time to throw the damn ball Tyron starting to look like Chaz green his back can’t take it anymore we need to pick someone up to give him some rest

  17. Idc what nobody said Dak is unstoppable just everybody else but zeke n Beasley is dumb on the o

  18. Law dak is our guy he just needs to have better anticipation and better foot work sliding in the pocket without taking his eyes down field just like romo he had this 6th sense just feeling the pressure

  19. In my opinion bad move. He will take 15 million next year or be a free agent. So they will either pay up or lose him plus the pick

  20. DAK'The Daddy'Prescott is Jerry'The Daddy'Jones QB.J.G&S.L. you on notice make it work or else.lol

  21. … I noticed it usually takes me to hump day before I get over a Cowboys loss… I am over it!!…Cowboys4Life

  22. Dez=Diva Amari Cooper = beast

  23. I think the O line coach is getting fired during the bye. We were supposed to hang our hats on this line, and we can't right now. They have been terrible on the road. That's inexcusable. Your O line crumbles, your team goes with it, period.

  24. We need a QB coach that has a history of bringing QB's along. A head coach that doesn't cave under pressure would be nice too.

  25. Teddy Bridgewater is NOT THE SOLUTION Law, I was gonna say VINCE YOUNG but he hasn't played in years since his tenure with Tennessee Titans.

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