1. Lmao. Cowpie fans wanting all Raiders old trash. This guy get 10 Million a year and isn t great without Mack. That is why The Raiders let him go:::: Raiders letting Amari and Irvin go has got a Cap space of 120 Million plus next year' that is also Macks contract gone too

  2. Yes….if he can play LEFT GUARD as well

  3. hell yes!!!!!! can and will only help!!! put the HOT back in the HOT BOYS!!!!!

  4. Hell yea we should. Why you think all these other teams are getting better, they going out and grabbing players for the low. Plus the guy is a high motored athlete. Answer is yes snatch him up.

  5. Am i the only one who got mad when i seen Jason Garrett clap. 😤

  6. Hell yeah LAW we can use him. Kris knows him..

  7. somebody anybody watching Brady vs Rodgers tell me it ain't so…..this qb play is much 2 much….cowboy fan for life…but dak you continue to grow… dak not quite there yet but I think his work ethic is and if we have patience dak prescott will get to this level…I know what I see…go dak

  8. Only if the price is right. Then again there is never enough defense. And depth can be crucial as we get into a rough looking November.

  9. Bring him in defense is already good but the offense needs help

  10. Irvin is good on a team with studs but a pud when he doesn't have anyone of Mack's caliber playing with him

  11. Cowboys get this guy now!

  12. Sure, why not? But they won’t.

  13. They should would make the Dallas defense more dominant

  14. Let's do it. BRING HIM IN!!! I'm tired of waiting for Randy Gregory and David Irving to show up..

  15. Why not….i think they should

  16. If he produces. But this year he has been absolutely garbage

  17. Yes please get him man please get him man

  18. Tbh we need a QB and a wide out to go with Beasley and coop and Tight end off line hasn't looked the same without Travis Fredrick def has played surprisingly well who would have thunked so definitely not me only if David Irving can get healthy and Randy Gregory can step upI'm done with Sean Lee jaylen Smith and Vander esch are the future

  19. I'd sign him if it helps in getting our team to the playoffs. Not sure that it will

  20. He is a rush specialist, dont know where you would play him… so i say no

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