1. Damn thats ugly.. hahaha i won the ugly sweater contest two years on the row. Running champ hahahha

  2. Won’t be any Cowboy players in the ProBowl this year!!! #FinishTheFight #HereWeGo

  3. Unfortunately, you guys took a loss, but it's fine though, since the Cowboys are still on top of NFC East. The Buccaneers' defense is akin to the Falcons' defense, but their offense will be somewhat of an issue, but seeing that Byron Jones, LVE, Jaylon Smith, and many others on defense are destroying offenses, it shouldn't be too difficult for the Cowboys to win. Don't let Mike Evans scare you, he is great, but is injury prone akin to Rob Gronkowski.

  4. VENT Time:We as Cowboy fans are bipolar as hell. Here’s the ugly truth about our Team: Tony Romo was scrutinized, criticized and scorned just as much Dak Prescott. I totally agree that Scott Linehan and Kellen Moore should be released from the Cowboy organization IMMEDIATELY. Scott has proven to be predictable, lackadaisical and ultra conservative at best. Linehan is as innovative and creative as a snail. Kellen Moore has no business being anyone’s QB Coach in the NFL. Where’s Kellen Moore’s NFL pedigree? I’ll wait, he doesn’t have one. This is another strong case of nepotism that has now infiltrated the Cowboy locker room. Therefore, Dak hasn’t been given anything to respect or measure up to. As quite as it kept, Tony Romo was Dak’s QB Coach in 2016. Then Dak had to fend for himself in 2017, which is Jason Garett’s fault. Now, he slowly but surely coming into his own with some flaws and all. Dak need’s a true OC with a strong QB skillset and pedigree. I’m not on board with firing Prescott, yet. I think we have a lot to work with in him. Dallas does not specialize in developing ball players, as much developing the whole man (i.e Jeff Heath, Rico Gathers). Then Jason Garret needs to grow pair and stop all that freaking clapping, and lead the team. Jason should be a shamed of the folly that has demonstrated on the field this season. Now, I feel better.

  5. Christmas shirt 🤣

  6. Law I said we would have to watch out for the Colts if we wanted to defeat them & watch out for auldtry on D & Ebron & Ty on offense but I see us blowing out the bucs do to this lose win this one & we in ova


  8. thats whats up law. i already thinking about them bucs. if we win this bucs game and win the division i might have to get you a bottle of that Hen Dog and some backwoods lol

  9. No need to touch on the colts game big homie…we’re on to the Bucs now…salute 💯

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