1. The Dallas Cowboys LOST and It's time to Eat Crow | No Excuses ! – Right On !

  2. If Romo was the starter yesterday who wins that game? No question the cowboys win by 30 points. People need to see that Dak is the problem. He has to many fumbles has accuracy problems can't read defenses and always runs into sacks can't win with that kind of QB.

  3. No excuses now Dak Amari here.

  4. Say hello to Amari Cooper!

  5. Carrot top gonna have a 9-7 Season or 8-8 and Jerry will keep him …Our problem starts at the TOP shit goes downhill

  6. I'm just here to harass the Dak Haters: Wentz had 2 crucial fumbles in the Eagles loss yesterday, too. AMAZING how Wentz gets strip sacked at the end of the game like Dak did, and neither the media (or so-called Dallas fans) say a f-ing word. They act like Dak was the #1 overall pick, the way they nit pick every single thing he does.. The double standard is why Dak defenders defend him…. not because we don't see that he screws up occasionally. I guess Wents is a "bum," too? OR maybe just a young developing QB??? BTW. Go back and watch film. The Skins D did not load the box on Zeke nearly as much as some teams have. "Wherrrre's the Zeke?"

  7. Two games , out of the last three. Garrett plays it conservative, DOES NOT GO FOR THE WIN? WHY!!!

  8. 33 YARDS RUSHING πŸ˜‚

  9. We are the number one Defense in the NFL look at the stats , Zeke Elliot held to 33 yards we will not let y’all run on us anymore Da’ron Payne / Jonathan Allen Alabama boys on y’all heads πŸ˜‚ what you going do when them Alabama boys come for you HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYSSSSSSSS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  11. 10-6 lmao. 7-9 they may get to 8-8 but they will have to work hard to get there and get few lucky bounces

  12. I don't even get mad at losses anymore. I'm so immuned to iept play calling, coaching and execution

  13. Dak should run more when he has the chance too

  14. why is it that when Washington blitzed,they got to Dak? Dak holding the ball too long? o-line getting blown up? Rec'vrs not open? I can't see the rec'vrs running routes all the time, but I see Dak holding the ball knowing full well he's about to get blitzed. I see the o-line not being able to pick up the blitz, calling out Conner and La'el specifically!! Did see rec'vrs dropping passes in their chests. watched the cowboys secondary play chase the rec'vrs while allowing the catch, while Redskins secondary are right on top of the cowboys rec'vrs!!! hell on the hail Mary at the end of the first half was almost caught by Washington because Dallas was out of position. AP running all over us!!! yeah no excuses, because it's the same old thing,

  15. The cowboy fans don't care about winning as long as them selfish millionaires toe the line and stand for the anthem . They don't mind losing as long as it's done in a patriotic way. Why are you not burning Cowboys gear to show your displeasure? That's why Jerry is not going to change anything, because his fans are okay with the product. When white folks get mad they like to burn shit, so no burnt gear means they're satisfied with the product. Looks like Jerry took a knee on the fans.

  16. What a BAD Monday!

  17. Correction, the Washington Redskins are on top of the NFC East division. #HTTR

  18. EAT CROW????Β  The Dallas Cowboys did not talk shit in the press and also the Cowboys, and NO Cowboys fan should EVER "EAT CROW" when it comes to a fucking football team with aΒ  RACIST SLUR WORD as a moniker for their team name.

  19. Dak and the ENTIRE offensive coaching staff are mediocre.

  20. The game was rigged and I know that for a fact

  21. And yes those fumbles are reason we loss the game!.. He gave a touchdown on one of his fumbles with only 4:12 second left in the game! Horrible . we need a QB period

  22. That fumble with 4:12 seconds left in the game! Was the final straw for me.. They dared us to throw the ball.. 8 men in the box 8, single coverage all across the board.and again Dak failed to read the Field.. We can't keep letting this go . if you take away tha one deep pass to Gallup.Dak wasn't to productive..
    Yes coaching plays big role but on players to execute

  23. This team is just mediocre, there's no way around that realization anymore. I don't see the Cowboys going better than 8-8 this season, and I go into literally every game with zero confidence that they will win. Time and time again on the road the Cowboys keep the game just within reach in the last few minutes and end up losing anyway. There are serious issues with the coaching staff offensively and from a time management perspective. It's absolutely unacceptable how the last minute of that game was handled. Dak is so hot and cold it's hard to watch. He can look incredible at times, and then terrible at times. The receivers played a better game overall today than they have all season, with Gallup, Beasley and Hurns all catching multiple passes and moving the chains. The ultimate issue with the offense is that any team that can completely shut down Zeke just wins them the game. The Cowboys aren't going to win games when Zeke has 33 yards rushing.

    The two fumbles + penalties and bad clock management lost us the game yesterday. If there is better clock management at the end of the game and we get a touchdown and win the game 24-20 then we aren't having this discussion.

    At the end of the day, JG and Scott Linehan need to go. I started watching this team in 1996 and have been suffering with ya'll watching this organization waste talent year after year and have almost nothing to show for it.

    This team is not good enough to hang with any team in the NFL that is actually good and going to the playoffs. The Cowboys don't stand a chance against the Chiefs, Rams, Steelers, Patriots, the list goes on. How nice would it be to be confident in your team enough going into each and every game and EXPECTING a win? This feeling was here in 2016 and 2014, but this year I have no confidence that we are beating anybody the rest of the year.

  24. When we play that bad and they still needed the Refs to win the game, I'm pretty sure none of us need to eat any crow!

  25. Defense has showed up. Not the offense

  26. Eat crow? I knew they weren't gonna show up

  27. Billy D.harden up early in the morning like the Gap Band.πŸ˜‰

  28. That was a tough loss and it's pretty simple just to many mistakes on the road. We have to learn how to clean that up. I'm still riding with Dak just can't put all the blame on him. The defense is still playing good which gives us something to work with. I just have a problem with the need of the coaching logic of changing the play calling on the road verses at home it is not working.

  29. Law you know I can't blame thing's on Dak the play calling for dak & the O-line gone have to be better & really AP was the factor he killed us frfr & that's what got them this true W along with bogus calls from the refs but if you put the game out of hand then you want have to worry bout the refs also the recievers like Hurns & Thompson gone have to help Dak when the ball thrown to them they need to do sumthin to get there hands better under coverage cause the ball still hitting there hands smh that kills us collectively as your word. Alot of stuff Dak gone have to run on regardless of the play calling he must plan to fail & never fail to plan he need to get that asap

  30. I would like my " Crow" fried, with a side of "BS" & a glass of "SEASON IS DONE" with no "Playoffs"!!

  31. We got out coached and schemed

  32. Wide receivers getting open man. I know I'm late to the party but if Dak dont start pulling the trigger. Jerry needs to in the draft.

  33. No and no law. Team should have won. Penalties killed us I rather us miss playoffs and get a new coach in here. Garrett should have been fired 2hen iced his own kicker in Arizona
    Terrible game manager should have threw some balls on endzone. Why play it safe tired of playing it safe

  34. Not making any excuses but the refs were against us yesterday πŸ˜‘πŸ˜©

  35. Put bacon and cheese on mine

  36. That offensive line though..

  37. Dak was getting pressured the while game, the only receiver that had a decent game was Beasley. But that dude is too little and slow to stretch the defense

  38. Just let Dak do hurry up and let him see the field instead of linnehan. Coaching is the problem and we cant stop saying that. So you already know. Get use too it…..lol

  39. I ride with Dak til the wheels fall off but the fumble in the end zone was unacceptable. You have to see Zeke in the flat and make that throw. There was no reason to spin out. It was 3rd and 15, just get it to Zeke and punt. Dak definitely made a lot of plays on the final two drives and once again threw no pics. But the end zone fumble was brutal.

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