1. Really? I don't get it, you're willing to sacrifice $20 million dollars, for a blunt and a cheap bottle of wine!!! I wish, I had that kind of luxury, "The World, is too Cruel"!

  2. has anyone seen Jobu?

  3. Dez might want to call cleaveland now

  4. The sole base for the different length suspensions is so the nfl can play favorites in my opinion.. the same reasoning goes towards their vaguely described rules of play it’s all about controlling the game..

  5. Yeah, Law, I totally and 100 percent agree. It's not fair when punishments seem to be adjusted at times. You need a set in stone punishment system. DWI and DUI minimum 2 games. Or whatever, take the time out in the offseason to get the rules in place for punishment rather than wasting time ruining the game, by implementing the Aaron Rodgers rule. Heck the NFL isn't even follow its own rules in regard to DV, Zeke was hit immediately with a 6 game ban, meanwhile the Giants kicker gets what 2 games? How does that work? Not only did he confess, but he admitted that this has been going on for a while now. Yet somehow he doesn't face the same punishment Zeke does. Come on.

  6. I agree with you 100% law seems like the NFL the NFL will set the suspension according to how they feel about the player or organization

  7. NFL picks an chooses the punishment and when to enforce it. If Dallas keeps losing, Twill and Rico keep playing. Cowboys showed up Sunday so now the the NFL has to step in to affect games going forward. Expect up coming suspension talk for Rico if Dallas wins in Seattle.

  8. Law, It was like a GODSEND when I first heard the news

  9. By No Means is Terrance Williams a BAD GUY his actions NOT him the Human MAMMAL Being will probably be a OMEN.

  10. Law, Well, unless Terrance Williams is a REPEATED OFFENDER, then most likely he would be SUSPENDED for more games maybe even BANNED from the league just like Randy Gregory.

  11. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, and Good Evening, Law, Well, Now we know why the Dallas Cowboys signed Brice Butler they knew Terrance Williams was going to get SUSPENDED for his Drunk Intoxication arrest in May…

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